Ten Best Little Cookbooks

Published: March 18, 2014

Sometimes a little help in the kitchen, as in, having a recipe book to follow, comes in handy. As dishes get saucier and desserts more interesting or elaborate most of us can't readily remember each recipe to the letter. Getting recipes from a good cookbook that you can turn to time and time again is a good option for this. 

  1. Cookbooks That Come With Crock Pots, Blenders, Waffle Irons, Electric Skillets and Food Processors

    I am lumping these together for a reason. You could never relate in detail the items in each and every book out there that rests in a kitchen appliance box, there are so many. When you are looking for a gift or a kitchen remedy, since the recipes tend to be very good, you might like to make certain you choose the apppliance with a cook booklet. If you look in the bottom of the box of many of the kitchen appliances there will be an owner's manual and a small cookbook. It may also state on the box that there is a cook book inside. The recipes in these recipe booklets might include cakes, sauces, brunch ideas, smoothies, candies, purees, main dishes, salads or side dishes. The best cook booklet I've ever seen comes from Hamilton Beach and is packed with their blenders.

    Aidelle's Chicken-Sausage

       with Fresh Pinaepple

  2. Betty Crocker's Time Saving Cookbook

    Here is a cookbook that gives you more ideas for planning meals ahead and for types of food that can be prepared in a shorter length of time while not sacrificing taste or nutrition. Recipes are given for things like Freezer Beef Squares or Freezer Ground Beef Mix, also, a universal base cookie dough to make either drop or bar cookies from one master recipe that will yield three to four recipes, recipes that include brownies, gingersnaps, walnut orange bars and chocolate chip squares from the same base among several other choices. 

  3. Avon International Cookbook

    The Avon International Cookbook includes recipes from several countries around the world. They are provided by Avon Representatives, the ladies who visit your home with their products and demos. The recipes these ladies donated to the cookbook are popular in their native country and they typically use some time saving steps or ingredients in the instructions. You will see in the cookbook recipes like Banana Split Dessert from the United States, Beef Stew made with ham, sausage, pepperoni and beef from Venezuala, Layered Corn Pie made with fresh corn, cottage cheese, garlic, green pepper and beef broth from Paraguay or Crackling Salad made with cactus, bacon and tomatoes from Mexico.

  4. Nestle Toll House Recipe Collection of Favorite Recipes

    This book has out of this world recipes using all of the different flavors of chips made by the Nestle company. When it first came out you had to order in exclusively by mailorder, now, you can find it online at sites like Etsy or eBid. There are recipes for freezer pies, mousse, candies and coffee cake that you will love. Chocolate Bubble Biscuits, Chocolate Dipped Fruit and Bar cookies also accompany an introduction that has a glossary of baking terms and substitute ingredients. This is the best recipe book around that uses sweet baking chips in all of its recipes.

  5. Weight Watchers Original Program Cookbook

    Weight Watchers Original Program Cookbook has all the illegal food lists and maintenance and leveling off food lists included in it. I find that strict adherence to the guidelines in these lists gets rid of a few more pounds and helps them stay off, as when compared to just following the 'New Points' system offered by Weight Watchers currently, although the Points System is very good for learning good nutrition. In the original cookbook are recipes for things called twofers which usually use unflavored gelatin to multiply the food.

  6. Taste Of Home Family Collection Cookbook

    So many of us enjoy potlucks, picnics and barbecues. Taste of Home has just oodles of dishes that you can try on your family or port to a potluck function including salads, vegetable dishes, cookies, desserts and even reduced calorie fare. If you haven't sampled Taste of Home's style you definitely should do so. This is the best cookbook for those with families and those who frequent potluck gatherings.

  7. The Pillsbury Bake-Off Collection

    You always see these in the check-out lane after the contests have ended. I've never had one of my own but I have borrowed my mother's. The Pillsbury Bake-Off Cookbook(s) mesmerize many people with their prize winning recipe authors who usually use surprising techniques or ingredients to win the prizes. The recipes in these books use flour, Pillsbury products, cheese, meat or candy, among other things and are required to use the Pillsbury products to qualify for entering the contest or at least two sponsored products. This means a lot of the recipes are baked goods and sweets, but they are very good baked goods and sweets.


  8. Nigella Bites

    This is a fun and good-tasting well known person cook book. Ms. Lawson has written several interesting cookbooks, some of them for parties and others for home cooking. The recipes are a little sexy and wholesome, her elite biography adds to the enchantment of this. Grandmother's Ginger and Jam Bread and Butter Pudding, Warm Shredded Lamb Salad with Mint and Pomegranate or Egyptian Tomato Salad are exotic and fun recipes and examples of what is in the book. 

  9. The Amazon App for Low Carb Recipes

    The Amazon App for Low Carb Recipes is available on your computer for a free trial run. For thirty minutes you can explore multiple categories which include bread, cakes, appetizers, meals, breakfasts, seafood, ice cream and several more categories. For the free trial you will see the beginning of each category with the introduction to one recipe. One of the interesting things offered is a bake mix to replicate Atkins Bake Mix. If you have Amazon Appstore this is a freeware.

  10. 1001 Low Carb Recipes

    1001 Low Carb Recipes by Dana Carpenter is a compiled assortment of recipes from previous books by this author. Her cookbooks are filled with surprises that let a low-carb dieter eat things they think they can create in a reduced carb fashion until they see these techniques and substitutions. Try out the Eggnog, Vanilla Coffee, Applie Pie Smoothie and Spiced Tea or Gingersnaps, all done in low carbohydrate counts.

With all the online cooking and recipe clubs you can find a lot of interesting recipes or old standards, but, a cookbook on the shelf is pretty handy, also, as you can take it in the kitchen with you more readily and have the picture of the dish nearby as most cookbooks are illustrated. The Best Litte Cookbook on this list is the Taste of Home Family Collection Cookbook, for some things you can feed everyone in your family. As an alternate best choice I would say the Betty Crocker Time Saving Cook Book is the winner for recipes you can create that are tasty although quick to fix.