Funny Movies for Fright Night

Published: March 18, 2014

Break out the popcorn, soda, treats, and settle onto the couch with friends and family for a good time! Yes, it's movie night and while a lot of people love a good thrill, everyone loves a good laugh. Here's a list of movies that deliver a whopping dose of both fright and funny:

  1. The Ghost and Mr. Chicken

    Join Don Knotts as he spends the night in a cliche haunted house and runs into all sorts of haunted hilarity.

  2. Ghostbusters

    Who you gonna call? For a good funny and spooky adventure, definitely these guys!

  3. Dark and Stormy Night

    The only Whodunnit to have its own theme song that will haunt you . . . for the rest of your life!

  4. Murder By Death/Clue

    An all-star cast delivers a great competition betwixt fictitious mystery authors (parodies of real authors) to find out who is the best of the bunch! Featuring the outstanding Truman Capote.


    The question is asked 'Whodunnit' but the answer comes back 'Who didn't?" in this all-star outrageous flick based on the game!

  5. Trail of the Screaming Forehead

    A scientist's ambition to find out how to increase human intelligence by increasing the size of the forehead goes terribly wrong when his experients call for seedy sailors, a wacky lounge singer, and kooky librarian. Because when you're forehead's screaming, it's saying "I Love You!"

  6. Vibes

    Psychic powers take a whole new range of application when two truly unique strangers in a study for the paranormal are led to South America to search for the secret of a lost civilization. 

  7. The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra

    Prepare to experience the terror of The Lost Skeleton when a greedy evil scientist awakens the skeleton for unlimited power! Aided by his strange companion, Animala, the group try to get atmospherium from a scientist and his wife in their cabin. But the atmospherium just happens to be what two aliens need to fuel their ship . . . while they search for their escaped murderous mutant!

  8. Transylvania 6-5000

    Two odd journalists are sent to the heart of horror to investigate sightings of Frankenstein's Monster, The Wolfman, and Vampires all while staying in the disturbing and slightly dilapidated hotel at Transylvania 6-5000!
  9. Beetlejuice

    Tim Burton's tale of the newly deceased who must find a way to protect their home while avoiding the antics of the depraved 'bioexorcist' Beetlejuice!

  10. High Spirits

    Journey to Castle Plunkett where you'll meet Peter O'Toole in his most unusual role as the desperate owner of a failing castle hotel. A brilliant idea strikes him when he hears that the mortar of the castle is crawling with ghosts, but he decides to give a little practical effect help as well, much to the anger of the ghosts and the dismay of the guests!

It's also great fun to come up with maybe a double-feature or marathon with a theme such as 'Murder by Death', 'Clue', and 'Dark and Stormy Night' for a Whodunnit Night or all three Larry Blamire films for a B-Rated Night. Either way, any of these movies in the dark with friends and family is as much a treat as the popcorn and soda, too!