5 Reasons to Start Meditating . . . NOW!!!

Published: March 18, 2014

When I first began as a student of healthcare and branched into natural healthcare, something strange began happening that had happened to me before; out of nowhere I felt as if I were going to die and that I was in extreme danger so much so that I would collapse. When I was diagnosed with Agoraphobia (following some other issues), my doctor recommended that instead of just doing Yoga for exercise, that I consider adding the meditative portions of it along with medication. Months later I was using Yoga and Chakra meditations and less and less medication.

Meditation is allowing your mind, body, and spirit to get some 'catching up' time together while alerting the others to issues the one is facing. Your body will tell your mind and spirit about your knee pain, you mind will tell your body and spirit about your financial woes, and your spirit will tell your body and mind about your fears of facing rejection or destitution. More than this, meditation is also a means of focus on something, something positive and something that will help you. Meditation is the ultimate 'you' time and it synchronizes internal functions while allowing you to cope with the external locus of control in a more empowered way.

  1. Increased Productivity at Work

    When your body is working at its best, you are working at your best and your boss will take note! Meditation allows you to give everything in your life its place and in doing so makes you more efficient in each area through focus. This means that when you are meditating regularly, your work days become focused on work both pleasantly and productively.


  2. Increase and Better Focus in Energy

    Energy drinks and drugs for conditions like Adult ADHD are everywhere! Now that isn't to say we're not in a lack-of-energy crisis in some areas or that Adult ADHD isn't real, but more often than not people who suffer from exhaustion or unfocused energy aren't getting proper internal communication and focus. This means meditation could really help out. Now that doesn't mean they have to learn to shut off their mind; in fact many forms of meditation call for 'brainstorming' before focusing on one area. Bottom line: if the problem isn't a chemically internal cause or a pathological condition, then the best way to handle it is the natural way and in this case, that means meditating!

  3. Increased Emotional Intelligence (IQ)

    When you become good at listening to yourself (in all three ways) then you're bound to become a great listener for others as well. Wouldn't that be a great boon to your relationships either intimate or at work or in the community? Meditation asks us to step back and listen which is exactly what the people around us need much of the time from us as well!

  4. Decreased Panic/Pain Response Cycle & Panic Attacks

    If you've ever played the board game 'Operation' then you're familiar with the little red buzzer on the poor patient's nose. That is exactlly what pain is in your body, a code red that something is going wrong. If your body isn't communicating with your mind or spirit and feels alone, a panic response begins (this also comes from not knowing what the problem is and fearing what it might be usually in a worst-case-scenario way). The best way to thwart it is to do what many holistic physicians have suggested and talk yourself through pain, a form of meditation, until getting treatment. Meditation itself on a regular basis may actually reduce the pain as your body becomes more aware of the situation and then becomes less apt to 'touch the sides'!


    Full blown panic attacks can feel like heart attacks. Immediate danger, fear of imminent death, and a feeling of helplessness all culminate in a panic episode. This happens when the rational mind shuts off for one reason or another which can be chemically or triggered by some stimuli outside one's self. Meditation may not always be of help DURING a panic attack, but regular meditation does reduce the frequency and intensity as I can tell you firsthand. Why? Meditation makes you feel more in control, more focused, and more aware of your surroundings and therefore more equipped to survive even if something bad were to happen.

  5. Reduced Risk of Cardiovascular and Neurological Disease

    Heart attacks and stroke, the two dreaded incidents of every aging (and even now younger) Americans and the western world. But one thing that I was told by a professor who had been a cardiologist for 30 years (10 of which were in the military) was that every heart attack, even those from poor diet, stems from stress and not from other sources. Why? Stress puts our bodies at risk for embolisms or the free-floating blobs in our blood that cause heart attacks or strokes. Stresss creates imbalance and puts our bodies on the defensive which means producing more platelets in case of healing which can mean the formation of unnecessary clots that can easily get stuck in an unhealthy body. Stress reduction is key to heart attack and stroke reduction and what better way to reduce stress than to step back and listen . . . meditation. People who regularly meditate have been shown to statistically have 89% less chance of stroke or heart attack even when overweight than those that do not. Why? Maybe its all about balance, communication, and internal control.

I, like many others in the western world, used to decry meditation as just something holy men or fad-followers did with no real benefits. After only a few weeks, the severe problems I was facing were so improved by just simple breathing meditation, I have since branched out into binaural, sensory deprivation, chakra alignment, and biofeedback/imagery meditation forms as well. Meditation offers a natural way to relax, rejuvenate, and even rest without having to sleep (not that meditation is a replacement for sleep . . . it is NOT!). When more patients start meditating regularly, the leading cuase of deaths will definitely change from heart disease to something else . . . not that it will bother us too greatly as we meditate and listen to our own bodies!