Best Landscapers In the Madison County Kentucky Area

Published: November 14, 2013

Does your lawn need some work done? Are you too busy to get out there and do it yourself? You could save some valuable time and energy by calling a landscaper to come in and do it for you. Here is a list of the top 5 landscapers in the Madison County area. Give one of them a call and save yourself some energy and let them get rid of all those pesky lawn problems for you!

  1. Greenman Lawn Care

    Although they haven't been in business for long they know what they are doing. They do all kinds of services from Gutter cleaning, landscaping, lawn services, leaf removal, mulch and tree services. Basically every problem you have could be taken care of in one call. They will give you a free estimate and if your a senior citizen you get a 10% discount. They are open Monday through Saturday 8:00AM to 9:00PM. They are located at 131 Long Hollow Rd Berea, Kentucky 40403. Give them a call today at 859-314-5519 to get your free estimate! The will also provide you with references if you want them too. Visit thier web page Greenman Lawn Care.

  2. Sticks And Stones

    There isn't much you can say about this place, its just one of those places that you have to talk to, to get the information you need. They haven't been in business for long, but you could always give them a try. They are located at 102 Spring Circle Rd Berea, Kentucky 40403, stop in and visit them or give them a call at 859-986-2985 or you can view them on thier website at Sticks and Stones.

  3. Barclay Landscaping

    This is a new business in town, so give them a chance, they haven't been operating for long but that doesn't mean that they don't know what they are doing! They are located at 116 Woods Point Drive Berea, Kentucky 40403-9682 stop in and see them today for an estimate or you can give them a call at 859-985-5499 today to get an estimate on what your landscaping needs will cost. Also you can visit them on their page at Barclay Landscaping

  4. Allen Pro Lawn & Landscape

    This business is located at 4273 Battlefield Memorial HWY Berea, Kentucky 40403. They service the Madison County Area in all your landscaping needs. You can give them a call today at 859-986-9746 to get in contact with them to find out what your landscaping needs will cost you.

  5. CW Property Management

    This business specializes in commerical property management which includes lawn care and landscaping. They have been in business for 10 years. They are open Monday through Friday from 8:00AM until 6:00PM and they are closed on Sundays. They serve the Central Kentucky area, and they can be contacted at 859-575-2400. If you think they may be able to help you then give them a call today!

No matter what your landscaping needs are you can trust that one of the above listed places will have what it takes to please you. Although I would say that Greenman Lawn Care is the number one choice, each person has different needs and likes things to be done a certain way. All you have to do is contact one of the places listed about and get an estimate for your landscaping needs, then you can make the decision of which one is the best to go with.