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Published: September 14, 2020

Electromagnetic Fields are created due to the mobility of the electric charges. In general, the reason for the production of EMF radiations is the voltage difference. The greater the current, greater will be the resultant magnetic field and vice-versa.


An electromagnetic field also occurs even in the absence of mobility of a current. If the current flows, the magnetic field strength will change with the power consumed, while the electric field strength will be the same.

  1. Electromagnetic Fields

    Electromagnetic fields were brought out by the WHO Regional Office for Europe in 1999. Radiations are always remaining present in the surrounding. But are invisible to the human eye that is why we are not able to see them with naked eyes. Radiation can be good as well as bad for our health.

    Basically, two types of electromagnetic fields are well known i.e. non-ionizing electromagnetic field and ionizing electromagnetic field. Non-ionizing EMF is capable of breaking down the molecular bonds, for example -gamma rays, x-rays, cosmic rays, etc.

    But the ionizing EMF is not capable of doing that, for example -man-made sources of electromagnetic fields such as electricity and microwave.

    Various types of electromagnetic smog are also used in the transmission of the information. Magnetic fields are not shielded with common materials as these fields are capable of passing through them. Both the electric and magnetic fields are extremely strong close to the source but mitigate with the distance.

    The majority of electric power gets operated with a frequency of 50–60 cycles per second. The average residential power frequency of electromagnetic fields in homes is very low.

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  2. Effects of EMF Radiation

    Electromagnetic fields with various frequencies constitute one of the fastest-growing climatic influences, which causes unease and conjecture. These emf fields have extremely adverse health consequences to animals as well as human beings.

    Long term effect:-

    The majority of researches is focused on childhood leukemia as a long term effect by magnetic fields. IARC announced that the magnetic fields are ‘possibly carcinogenic to humans’. Childhood Leukemia is a very rare disease with the total number of cases per annum, which are supposed to be about 49,000 globally, in 2000. Various other harmful effects also have been studied for possible concern with magnetic fields.

    Short term effects:-

    EMF causes various biological effects from high-level exposure to these radiations that are proven by scientific mechanisms. Basically, the magnetic fields induce current by penetrating into the body at high field strength.

    These lead to changes in nerve and muscle stimulation. And also changes in the nerve cell stimulation to the central nervous system. Headache, depression, nausea, weak immune system, annoyance, and vomiting are some basic examples of short term effects.

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  3. Too Much Time in Front of the Computer and Radiation Effects

    We have all heard that spending too much time on the computer means being in a sitting position for a long time. This means musculoskeletal problems such as neck strain, back pain, stiffness of shoulder muscles, and many more. The other parts of the body may be suffering in silence too as sitting means less blood flow. This can sometimes lead to obesity too.

    It is a scientific fact that the computer screen display emits electromagnetic energy which is normal parlance is called radiation. This radiation is the cause of other dangers to too much time in front of the computer... it can cause insomnia, mood swings, and “computer vision syndrome - CVS.” Typical symptoms of CVS: strained, dry eyes, blurred vision, and headaches. And, for children, it can cause issues with learning, emotional development, communication skills, vision, and weight.

    While the ideal solution will be to significantly reduce the time spent in front of the computer, it might not be practical as the world has gone digital. Hence a more practical way will be to use products such as VIVOBASE which provide comprehensive protection from the bad effect of radiation. Motto should be BE PROTECTED. STAY CONNECTED

This radiation or radiation from 5g is the cause of other dangers to too much time in front of the computer. It can cause mood swings, insomnia, and “computer 

vision syndrome - CVS.” A more practical way will be to use radiation protection products such as VIVOBASE which provide protection from the bad effect of radiation.


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