The 10 Best Guilty-Pleasure Chain Restaurants

Published: March 17, 2014

Food-snobs shun and disdain them! Health-conscious advisors tell you to avoid them at all costs! But, let's face it, who doesn't enjoy a good fatty chain restaurant meal every once in a while? Here are ten of the best.

  1. The Olive Garden

    Sure, the pasta isn't always the greatest, but you never leave hungry! Plus, unlimited breadsticks are awesome. Website

  2. P.F. Chang's

    Laugh at the excessive decor, enjoy the huge and delicious portions. Website

  3. Frisch's

    This iconic chain, known for its cherubic mascot statue, is cheap and often delicious. Website

  4. Cici's Pizza

    They've been disappearing due to financial strain, but there's still an incredible value to this all-you-can-eat buffet, and the desserts are wonderfully over-the-top too (Bavarian pudding pizza!). Website

  5. McDonald's

    Come on -- McDonald's is great! Plus, they're marketing towards hipsters, these days. Get in on the next big trend once the foodie backlash starts! Website

  6. Outback Steakhouse

    The Bloomin' Onion is purporedly one of the worst chain restaurant foods for you. It's also the most fun to eat! Website

  7. Golden Corral

    Find out why Walt Flanagan of the "Tell 'Em Steve-Dave" podcast once made a five-hour round trip just to try the chocolate fountain! Website

  8. Red Lobster

    Another endangered species, if you listen to business reports. Try the wonderful cheddar biscuits before it's too late, and definitely go during Endless Shrimp month. You'll be tripping on sodium the whole weekend! Website

  9. Burger King

    An even more opulent, ridiculous alternative to McDonald's. Any burger chain that includes triple burgers and something called the "Angry Whopper" is just begging you to try it. It's like something out of a Patton Oswalt comedy bit come to life. Website

  10. Chili's

    The paragon of fake Southwestern, with appetizers and "loaded" everything. I've never left this place hungry, that's for sure! Website

There you have it, folks. I probably enjoy Olive Garden the best, but we each have our favorites. Dress up in normcore and go as ironic tourists sometime! Bring a toddler for added adventure and craziness -- that's what my wife and I do.