Best HouseCleaners in STL

Published: March 17, 2014

They are judged on their professionalism, and the easiness of their websites. The reviews of other people are another attribute they are judged by. Their rates that they give to their customers are another determining factor. Their location is not much of a big deal but it comes into play when deciding who is at number one or number 11.

  1. Molly Maid

    Fully bonded fully insured: A clean you can trust This guarantee in their slogan off the bat makes them the number 1 on my list. Their website is very pretty and easy on the eyes making me feel more comfortable in inviting them to my home. I think they are the best.


  2. Scrubby Dutch Cleaning

    What are the Dutch famous for, besides their Danishes? Its their cleaning. This company has over 25 years experience which makes them my second favorite. They seem like they know what they are doing, since they have been in business so long. They have low rates and are locally owned. Being locally owned makes my heart melt. Their website is not the best. But who needs an awesome website when you have a locally owned company do your cleaning.

  3. Maid Pro

    Professionals they are. Butler service they have. A one stop shop for all your needs in the home service department. They have coupons that come in the mail or even on air, but mostly online here on this website

    Another thing to keep in mind is that they give you free quotes but might be a little pushy, so be aware of that when you call them at 636-391-5400

  4. Merry Maids

    They may not be merry all the time, but Good Lord, they can clean! With a 100 dollars of 5 weeks of cleaning, they should be number 5, but they are not. You get about 20 dollars off for new and biweekly customers which is a steal of a deal. Their slogan: Relax its done reminds me of Chill out dude, I got you bro. A very cool vibe that puts you at ease. No Website found.

  5. Cottage Care

    Whether you have a cottage, or own a mansion in Chesterland. This business is in Chesterfield at outer forty Rd. What sets this apart is their FANTASTIC website. I say really nice

    They are number five because of their price, but don't worry, cause its still a steal, they might even clean your dog mobiles. You should give them a call and make sure of their prices as they might have evolved.

I think Molly maids are the best, because of their cool website, their use of the color pink which makes my eye pop, and also their company slogan. You should call them for sure. Our tough economy may restrict your cleaning budget, but don't eat out and call molly maids from now on. Your house will be sparkling clean and you will enjoy a nice vacationg in your bedroom retreat and come out to a nice clean house. A house that smell like paradise from above.