Best Tools to Survive College

Published: March 17, 2014

The three best items to have in college or to spend on in college.

  1. The all important backpack

    You backpack will be your best friend.

    Attributes a good back pack will have.

    Wide shoulder straps-to make carrying heavy books and equipment easier.

    Big Main pocket - Make sure it can fit you books and still have a little bit of extra wiggle room. You may need to stuff an umbrella or jacket inside.

    Areas to clip things - make sure there are alot of places to clip pems in a hurry or your keys, maybe even a water bottle. (Molle is very good, I use it)


    Alot of smaller pockets - Make sure you have a place to stuff all of your doo dads and random things.

  2. Food bag

    If you get caught out without lunch or breakfast you will need FUEL, trust me on that. So have a big ziplock or maybe a toiletry bag full of granola bars, water, chips, jerky, and anything else you may need to get you past the odd meal you miss.

  3. Spare parts for you

    By spare parts I mean extra pens and pencils, spare set of contacts or glasses, and WATER! Things that you know you can't function at 100% without.

Read and enjoy. MAke sure you are prepared for your day.