The Best Painters in the Murray, Kentucky Area

Published: March 16, 2014

A fresh coat of paint looks amazing and protects the surfaces of your home or any other structural investment. When you hire a professional painter you will be in good hands because the professional painter recognizes the condition of the surfaces you want painted and understands the ground work that may need to be done before any actual painting occurs.

  1. J B Herbison and Son Contractor

    J. B. Herbison and Son will do wonders if you want your home painted or sandblasted. Their favorite jobs include plaster reparing, painting, decorating, exterior priming, redecorating and weather proofing of your home, mostly by the use of latex paints or products. The phone number where you can call J. B. Herbison is 1-731-642-2983. 

  2. Moore's Custom

    Moore's Custom Painting located in Murray, Kentucky has been doing business for fifty years in this area. With a long list of satisfied customers, Moore's has customized or restored old furniture, cabinets, texture painted or helped to remodel and paint many homes in the area. Managed by Morgan Moore you can call them at 1-270-293-1586 for consultations. Also you can email Moore's at:

  3. Osbron Custom Painting

    Osbron Painting Contractor is found in Benton, Kentucky which is a neighboring town. Osbron paints, stains, customization and does specialty finishes to your specifications. Jeffery Osbron promises to pay strict attention to detail so you won't be disappointed. Special interior finishes done by Mr. Osbron include things like granite with gold and pearl dust, raised panel ceilings, special decorative molding and many more.

For interior design and exterior protection, hiring a painting contractor puts you in good hands. They don't make the mistakes you might make if you tackle the painting chores on your own. It is fairly common to do a little painting around the house only to decide to get someone for the job after it doesn't go too well. The best painter from the above list is difficult to choose. Moore's is going to have to be the best one on the list due to the fact that they also refinish old or new furniture for you.