Fit Power Force

Published: September 7, 2020
We believe in  technology  but   sane and constructive technology , which is why our team got into smartwatches. We believe that this can bring  real  positive added value to people's daily lives. The  Smartwatches  how  have  the call are concentrated little things we use in daily life. All the information is brought together in a smart bracelet that you just need to wear around your wrist. You have to live to the rhythm of this world that goes faster and faster and we believe in the future of montre watch femme  intelligent . The Genius watch is sophisticated and has been designed to help people in their daily life. It is not difficult  to use , and will adapt to all ages, all styles. We have bet on the future with GENIUS and it has only just begun.


  1. montre sport femme

    The ELITE ™ watch  adapts to all your outfits whether in sport mode or dressed! This smartwatch smartwatch was specially designed for men and women. With its weight, it combines lightness, beauty and power.


    With its 0.96 "high resolution OLED touch screen, you can easily and quickly switch from one mode to another. The screen resolution has been set up so that you can have information directly. The screen will rotate. automatically to adapt to the direction of your gaze.


    You are athletic? The ELITE ™ connected watch  will give you all the practical information for your physical progress. No need to count anymore, all the information is available at a glance with its 6 sport modes (running, tennis, cycling, ping pong, jump rope, swimming, badminton).


    Your ELITE ™ connected watch lasts  with  a simple charge for  up to 7 days in standby and 3 days continuously. Useful if you tend to have your head in the air! You will charge the watch in 90 minutes with its fast USB system!


    Stay in shape with this activity tracker. It counts your number of steps and measures your activities for precise and quality daily monitoring. You can also see the number of calories lost during the day as well as the paths taken in the application!  


    The ELITE ™ watch  accurately and intelligently measures your heart rate so you can monitor it and measure it based on your activities. In addition, the ELITE ™ connected watch  measures it constantly, which means that you will be able to analyze the various changes in heart rate within 24 hours with an accurate analysis of your day.