The Top 5 Underrated Science Fiction/Fantasy Films

Published: March 16, 2014

It seems like more and more people forget what makes a film great and are adopting the notion that being cynical is more enjoyable than losing one's self in a good silly, or unbelievable story (provided it is well-made). Here are 5 of the top science fiction and fantasy films I felt were underrated (and downright hated):



  1. John Carter

    This story, originally titled 'A Princess of Mars' from the Barsoom Chrnonicles, was literally the father of all science fiction franchises in books that would one day give us Star Wars, Stark Trek, and so much more. So why did people hate this film so much? It does have a fairly long run=time, but fans of modern films are mostly used to that. It also has a very complex story, but again, fans of science fiction and fantasy love the complex. Give this movie a second look, you might find that you actually enjoy it whn you're not trying to show off how critical you are in front of friends or family.


  2. Stardust

    While I haven't heard much negativity about this film, it should have received far more attention than it did. This story is one of Neil Gaiman's finest works and is very original. This is one with an all-star cast that works well in two worlds as well as up in the stars!

  3. Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

    Too many people expected that a franchise that had aged for over a decade would remain unchanged. Yes, INdiana Jones was older, yes there was CGI that didn't look real (that wasn't the intention), and yes, Shia LeBeouf plays an awkward character, but all of these elements are still in the spirit of the greatest parts of the INdiana Jones Franchise. Even the 'surviving in a fridge' trick was a hilarious and cannonical nod to the original unbelievable yet some truth to it spirit of the first three films! Try watching this one again and just let yourself go, you might find you enjoy it as much as I did.


  4. The Reluctant Astronaut

    Again, this one didn't get necessarily as bad a reputation as the others, but it also didn't recieve the attention it should've. Don Knotts did some amazing film work in comedy, but this one was especially hilarious as it showcased some of America's theories and sterotypes about what really happened on space missions!


  5. Mio in the Land of Far Away (Mio min Mio)

    The lesser-knowm of Christian Bale's first films where one of his co-stars is Christopher Lee, many Americans just couldn't get into the whimsical world in the Land of Far Away the same way myself and my children did. The fact is that the story is original, the special effects are decent for their day, and the story itself is charming and ends very happily. Try this one agains and think of it as 'Christian Bale Begins'.



Many times our opinions on films are based upon the opinions of those around us and we miss out on some great films or just the experience of enjoying them because the popular people didn't see the good in it (possibly simply because they feel they only have something good to say when it's something bad about something else). Keep an open mind in cinemas and in front of screens and never be afraid to enjoy what you yourself want to enjoy!