Best Wings in Buffalo

Published: November 14, 2013

This list is about the best wings in the Buffalo, New York area. As many people know is not called the Buffalo wing for nothing. This is the birthplace of the wing and any wing needs to be compared to the ones here. The best wings in Buffalo come from Duffs, they have the best sauce and wing and the experiance is second to none

  1. Duffs

    This is the best place to get wings in Buffalo. The quality of the wing is first off the best feature. The sauce is amazing and the fries come on buckets, large servings. If you are a person who likes hot hot hot wings then you definietly need to go to the anchor bar. The experiance is part of the fun, the resturant is almost like a basement.small house. It is tight and low ceilings but the food is amazing and thats what counts.

  2. Anchor Bar

    This is the classic Buffalo Wing place. They ahve great variety and are more then just a wings place, however they are known for and their best item is the Buffalo wing. The sauce is alright and the wing overall is ok. It is expensive i think for what you are getting but it is good.

  3. Buffalo Wild Wings

    Lets be honest, Buffalo Wild Wings doesnt hold a candle to the above two, however it does have good wings. The main feature about the wings is price point. The wings are definitly cheaper then at Duffs or Anchor Bar. Especially on Thursdays in which there are $.25 for boneless wings, a very good deal.

The best place to get wings is Duffs, hands down. The Anchor Bar is a solid number too, some would consider it a 1A. Duffs has better wings, the quality is better and the sauce is better. If you like hot hot hot wings then Duffs is no doubt your choice. The anchor bar has the classic feel and that is something to consider