Top 11 Ray Stevens' Songs

Published: March 16, 2014


As hilarious as he is creative, Ray Stevens' southern-style comedy is an amazing romp through childhood's funniest moments like catching live squirrels or making light of a strange stalker! Here is a list of the top 11 songs Stevens either wrote, performed, or both (usually both):

  1. The Pirate Song

    A hilarious combination of a sea shanty interrupted by the Broadway-loving brother of Captain Fearsome Blackbeard Peg=leg Patheye Hook! Switching back and forth, this hilarious song goes from a chorus of 'Fifteen Men on a Deadman's Chest' accompanying the ferocious captain's plans for pillaging and plundering to his brother's insistence that he wants to 'sing and dance like the Pirates of Penzance' wearing tight, shiny pants!

  2. Vacation Bible School/Mississippi Squirrel Revival

    These two songs are classics and were number one hits for Stevens as they detail chidhood mischief (purposeful in the first and accidental in the second) taking place in the back pew of a good, Southern Baptist Church. The first song, Vacation Bible School sings of a young boy who slips moonshine into the lemonade specially made for the visiting minister who takes one swig too many while preaching and gives a very unusual account of the scriptures! The second details the reactions of a congregation afraid the Holy Spirit is on the loose to get the truth all because a little boy's squirrel got loose and started claiming victims with its tiny claws and sharp teeth!

  3. It's Me Again, Margaret!

    This unusual, but also classic hit of Stevens' is about a perverted phone stalker who just can't get himself enough of a women named Margaret. Of course the police catch up with him, but he still by law gets one last phone call . . .

  4. Ahab the Arab

    Having an afair with the strange, almost westernized harm-girl 'Fatima of the Seven Veils' behind the Sultan's back, Ahab rides his camel, Clyde (who even speaks to Ahab in 'camel') through the midnight desert to have a hilarious interlude!


  5. The Shriner's Convention

    When the Grand Mystic Noble Order of the Ali Baba Temple of the Shrine comes into town, it's a huge and marvelous celebration. There's only one problem: Coy . . . a shriner who just doesn't fit in with the crowd and, despite reprimands from the Illustrious Potentate (Bubba), still manages to get his party on!

  6. Everything Is Beautiful (In It's Own Way)

    Apart from country and rock humor, Stevens also did religious and romantic music. This song is a message of peace and tolerance in the name of God by seeing beauty and not caring about differences.


  7. Would Jesus Wear a Rollex (On His Television Show)?

    Mocking the televangelist movements, Stevens poses the pertinent questions about how Jesus would behave as a televangelist or deal with televangelists in the future!


  8. The Ballad of Cactus Pete

    Cactus Pete lives out in the desert with no one but his side-winder pet named 'Lefty'. Lefty seems to get all riled up when Pete begins another story and mentions a small animal that Lefty might find tasty!


  9. Along Came Jones

    Harkening back to the early days of television, this song parodies the mustached villain kidnapping the damsel in distress until along comes Jones, the hero. With a 'Benny-Hill' style bridge, this song remains an upeat favorite!

  10. 3-Legged Man with a 2-Legged Woman Being Chased by a 1-Legged Fool

    Having lost a leg is bad enough, but then to find out that your wife is having an affiar just makes it worse. Add to that the man you catch your wife with takes your leg in the hopes of you not being able to follow him and your wife as he runs for his life! This hilarious song has great sound effects and reveals that the gentelman doesn't want the woman back, but the leg which, in the dark when it was taken, turns out to be his real leg!

  11. I'm My Own Grandpa

    With a truly twisted family tree, this song loops around and winds all over the place with new relatives by birth or marriage that complicate an already strange family situation!

Ray Stevens has many more hits and is well worth looking up on YouTube as his music vidoes are priceless pieces of comedic genius that rival Wierld Al any day!