3 Best Japanese Restaurants near West Hollywood

Published: March 16, 2014

My idea of "best" is a combination of taste, value and ambiance. These are places you could take a date, friends, or a business associate for food and drinks without breaking the bank. Beware of extended wait times on weekends and during peak hours. I would recommend calling in advance to check.

  1. Chibiscus

    This small ramen shop just opened on Sunset in the same strip mall as Hollywood Laundry. They serve Delicious Ramen in a variety of styles. The downside is that they do not serve liquor if you were planning to have drinks with your meal, but it is BYOB (with a liquor store next door). There is table seating as well as bar style seating along the wall.

  2. Haru Sushi

    Fresh and tasty and does not break the bank. You can order a la carte or pre-Set lunch or dinner sets where you can match hot and cold dishes such as grilled miso butterfish, a side of salad, sashimi, miso soup and rice. They also have tasty chirashi bowls. Healthy options such as brown rice are also available. 

  3. Robata Jinya

    This place has gotten very popular over the last few months. Their ramen is solid but their grilled skewers are even better. Bar seating is a bit easier to nab on crowded nights. Pricing is reasonable for the area for food items but I noticed the beverage pricing is a bit high on their sake list.

The order of this list isn't an indication of which is best. All three restaurants are great depending on your mood. Chibiscus would be the most casual of the three and Robata Jinya would be the most upscale, but all three are great restaurants for having a tasty meal with a date, friends, or business partners.