Top 5 Pets to Match Professions

Published: March 16, 2014


Who doesn't love to come home to that big-eyed best friend? Animals are not only marvelous citizens of our world that improve our health and the health of our planet, they also keep us sane in a concrete jungle of madness! So which pets have been shown to fit certain professions? Well, while these are subjective, this does come from a local veterinarian who had done his own thesis on professions and pets (or as I like to call them 'companions'). Here they are:


  1. Freelancers/Artists/Homemakers: Small to Medium Dogs

    If you have a lot of time to spend in disciplined activity, then you're likely a dog person. Homemakers and freelancers also keep the majority of their precious belongings in one area and having a dog is a great security system as well. Dogs act as comfort and encouragement to these professions that are often the most underappreciated in the nation!

  2. Office Administration/Customer Service: Cats

    When you need the occasional snuggle or snub, the soothing pur and the re-assuring howl, you're probably an office worker. That's not to say your co-workers lick themselves clean after a nice tin of tunafish, but cats have indpendent and prominent spirits much like the people that occupy a necessary space in an office. Not to mention the cleanliness of a cat will be greatly appreciated by a person who is given a small workspace that is expected to be both personalized and neat!


  3. Civil Engineers, Architects, Graphic Designers: Birds

    Cheery and interactive, birds make these creative and personable professionals as happy as a lark, pardon the pun. Whether working on a project at home with their feathered friend on their shoulder or desk, or at work whistling and thinking about their buddy, birds tend to make creative minds that work with the intricacies of mathematics and building buzz with ideas . . . after all, birds are one of the chiefest architects and civil engineers in the animal kingdom!


  4. Manual Laborers, Fast Food, Low Tier: Fish (non-exotic) or Small Rodents

    For the down-trodden or exhausted worker who goes out to a field, into a restaurant, or behind a counter, the small but loving gazes and chipper activities of fish and small rodents make the world a much better place. Think about dreaming of freedom when being confined in a small lifestyle and then seeing creatures content to be so as long as they have your companionship (and food, of course). There are other matches for this group, of course, but fish and small rodents seem to steal the show!


  5. Teachers, Researchers, Healthcare Practitioners: Large Rodents

    When the word 'lab' comes up almost every person in the world thinks of either the word 'rat' or 'guinea pig'. When someone says the word 'teacher's' the word that pops first into the mind is 'pet' and oft times the classroom pet is a guinea pig or rat or very large Black Bear Hamster or rabbit. Larger rodents age like humans, seem to react very well with humans (particularly analytical humans like reserchers, teachers, and healthcare personnel) and even age like humans. These creatures are all about learning and what better companion than someone who's all about knowledge?


'Bear' in mind that not all of these categories and creatures are set in stone, these seem to be the best fit according to observations and firsthand accounts from professionals in my experiences. Either way, having a companion animal improves health, helps us cope with issues emotionally, and do (in fact) help us with our problems at work including stress from co-workers, creative blocks, and even disputes! Be sure to find out what companion is best for you, schlep down to the shelter for your own loveable and unconditionally loving, and life-long friend!