The Best Things to Eat to Get Skinny

Published: March 16, 2014

Dropping pounds is not usually very easy, that is unless you know a few tricks. Dieters' tricks include tricking your stomach or your mind your satisfied, learning how to love the lighter vegetables and learning special foods that are satisfying yet non-fattening. You should include healthy items and go hungry as little as possible. 

  1. Dairy Products

    Low fat milk, skim milk, non-fat dry milk, low fat yogurt, low fat cottage cheese, regular fat cottage cheese, whole eggs, egg whites and whatever you can make from these things that whets you palate. All the low fat cheeses at the store are yours, too. This is because the latest research has shown that calcium helps people lose pounds and control their hunger. This is also because the protein, vitamins and calcium in these foods is body building and healthy.

  2. Flax Seed

    Flax seed, or, preferably ground flax seed, which is easier to find at regular markets and already ground for you is what most recipes call for. This food can be added to meat loaf (since you will be getting to eat ground beef or lamb or similar meats) and put on green salads, but, you may want to save most of it for an egg and fat substitute in pancakes. You can use 1 Tb. of the ground flax and 3 Tb. of water to equal one egg which saves about 50 calories for each egg you omit from a recipe, eggs have 80 calories per large egg and flax meal has 30 calories per Tb..

  3. Green Things

    It helps me to make a color category of healthy foods. It makes them seem more tempting and it makes them easier to remember. For the green foods list I would include romaine, Iceberg lettuce, spinach, edamame, peas, split peas, sprouted lentils, broccoli, kiwi, lima beans and string beans. I don't like health grass powders but it is certainly a good choice for the green list if you like these.

  4. Red Things

    This is my red list: pomegranate, beef, tomatoes, lentils, strawberries, watermelon, cherries, carrots, beets, red onions, oranges, pimento peppers and red pepper such as chili pepper. These foods and similar foods such as the juices of these foods or meats like lamb, lobster or liver go on your red list. The redder the food the better. This teaches you that colorful food has a nutritious density that is good for you and is satisfying to your body.

  5. Almond Flour

    Almond Flour Bread, almond flour pancakes, and other things you like that are normally made from wheat flour can be made with special almond flour recipes to reduce your carbohydrate consumption. There are many recipes online for almond flour bread and other goodies like the sesame crackers pictured below. A picture of one style of almond meal bread is pictured under the sesame crackers. For 3 1/2 ounces of almond flour or meal you will have 21 grams of protein, 10 grams of fiber and a little over 19 grams of carbohydrate, a far prettier picture for a dieter than wheat or rice or even oat flour. The baked good made with the almond flour tastes like a light wheat loaf or something similarly mild, it is quite tasty. Most recipes call for a lot of eggs, three or four, but you will serve about 16 per loaf of bread because the bread is very filling and all in all not take in too many egg yolks by eating the almond flour bread.

  6. Protein

    If you are hitting on the previously listed items to begin with you probably are going to get a lot of protein already. The amount of protein you eat each day is going to be important for the beauty of your body and for the healing and repair properties protein has going for it when used by your body. A person needs from 44 to 60 grams of protein daily, but more may cause problems. If you prefer to eat vegetables some days with no meats you can add some Bragg aminos to your vegetables for about zero calories a splash because the healthier you eat the more the pounds will stay off and because you can buy a small bottle for around $3.50.

  7. Oil

    It is important to use oil in your diet, in particular when you are eating to lose weight. Fat soluable vitamins like A, E and D move through your system more efficiently and you will most likely lose more weight, and lose it faster than if you lower your fat intake excessively or get all of it from things like margerine or your meat choices. Oil is the better fat to include with your meals. You can get it from making your own oil based dressing, from bottled dressings with oil as the main ingredient or from cooking with it.

  8. White Things That Are Not Dairy

    White things that are not dairy include very delicious choices like mushrooms, cauliflower, turnips, fish like cod or whiting, pineapple, corn, white meat chicken or turkey and tofu. Another choice would be meringue shells, made from egg whites but with a couple of dashes of salt instead of sugar to be filled with a fish salad or maybe even cheese. Many of the white foods can be shredded or sliced as a substitute for noodles and pasta in soups and casseroles.

  9. Beverages

    You should drink beverages in the amounts you are comfortable with. Tea, coffee and water with no addtions or only zero sugar sweetener are unlimited unless they make you hungrier in large quantities, meaning to, of course, only drink modestly of them in this case. Diet waters that have been flavored, diet soda and juice drinks that have added vegetable juice like V8 Splash are great to treat yourself to. Beverages flush out the waste products that can accumulate when dieting like ketones or uric acid, you should never avoid drinking while losing weight.

  10. Dessert

    You should eat dessert if you like dessert. Dessert does not have to be the enemy, it can be a body builder, and, of course, it can keep you happy. You don't have to eat dessert every day, but, it would be okay to eat it every day if you would like to because you can choose healthy desserts for yourself like fruit and cheese, for example. Fruit is good, as a side dish or a snack. Cheese is good to melt on other food or for a snack. When you put the two together you can have a dessert especially if you melt the cheese as a fondue or choose something like Provolone, Legiondairy Light Gouda or Laughing Cow Gourmet.

    A good recipe like chocolate pudding made from silken tofu will bring a smile to your face for a sweet dish. Chocolate Tofu Pudding is made by combining 1 pound of silken tofu, 1/2 cup of sugar free maple syrup, 2-3 Tb. of carob or cocoa powder and a little vanilla flavoring in a blender and mixing until smooth and creamy.

If you set a path for your eating that is easy to keep up with, it will be easier to adhere to. There are always food pyramids which are helpful to everyone because they do help you to recognize the healthier balance of nutrients you probably need. Dieters may need to tailor this idea in such a way as to promote the losing of weight as the food pyramids are usually designed for weight maintenance. The best thing on this list to eat to get skinny is the first one on the list, the dairy products due to their ability to help with appetite reduction. The second best item to include for eating to get skinny is oil, this is taking it for granted that you are eating some of the other items also.