The Top 10 Sony Computer Entertainment Adventure Games

Published: March 15, 2014

Video games have a bad rep for wasting young people's time and encouraging violence, but they began as ways to entertain and grew into means of having adventures! Even today while many popular games include violent imagery and gore, there is still a loyal following of good, wholesome adventure games with cartoony violence at best and incredible animation! Take a look at the Top 10 Adventure Based Video Games (for Sony) that I have put together:

  1. The Swagman (PS One)

    In Australia this name invokes indifference or disgust, but with players of the game it invokes terror!

    After kidnapping a beautiful fairy, a brother and sister set out through a sinister realm of nightmares, travelling through mirrors and other portals while escaping ghosts, zombies, and traps all to rescue the fairy and defeat the evil Swagman who seems to be the King of Nightmares. This game was delightfully frightening and had, even for its time, incredible graphics and music that I still enjoy to this day . . . though with the lights on in the hall at least!

  2. The Jersey Devil (PS One)

    If you haven't heard the urban legend of the Jersey Devil and aren't comically thinking about Hellboy right now, then the game won't confuse you at all. Instead of just trying to make an urban legend game, this is a good example of strange creature that becomes a hero of the night!

    Like other anti-heroes, the Jersey Devil completes his tasks at night and out of sight of ordinary citizens. His goal is to thwart the evil machinations of a doctor who once wanted to dissect him . . . alive! With the help of some friends, the Jersey Devil is still a great game for any occasion!

  3. Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy

    The very first PS2 game I ever played, this game holds a special place in my heart and has such whimsical graphics and music with its humorous Daxter that I literally play parts of it almost every month!

    The game follows the exploits of Jak trying to undo a curse put on his wise-cracking friend Daxter who has now become an Ottsel (Otter Weasel). With out of this world landscapes and challenges, this is a favorite for all time and launched 3 sequels that all tied into one another smoothly!

  4. Ratchet and Clank: Going Commando

    While I enjoyed the first 'Ratchet and Clank', I felt we had more action and well-developed characters with its sequel. The weapons, challenges, landscapes, and moving landmarks were all upgraded to the ultimate level!

    While the prequel is great and the sequels were just as good, this second installment stands out as being just challenging enough, but keeping the great humor of the first and having tons of enjoyable 'easter egg' features that make this game timeless!

  5. Klonoa 2: Lunatea's Veil

    Not familiar with this game, not surprised. This game is not even spoken in English, but the characters' emotions and animated movements are incredible in this colourful 'dreamscape'.

    When 'dream traveller' Klonoa, travels to a magical land, he must help a young priestess, a strange creature, and a mystical oracle thwart a seedy villain and her tawdry kitty . . . but soething is oddly familiar about the villain and the dreamworld itself! With high jumps, realistic waterfall rides, and engaging music, this game feels like playing an anime'!

  6. Ape Escape 2

    Everyone loves a monkey, except when they're wearing evil-mind control helmets and super-power pants to take over the world! This sequel to Ape Escape not only bettered its gadgets and graphics, but the new character additions and well-animated landscapes are amazing.

    With a vending machine that distributes easter-egg materials like music videos, mini-games, gag gadgets, and even concept art, this game is like playing several games at once!

  7. Dragon Rage

    This realistic and almost risque' (with a scantily clad fairy companion) game about dragon survival in an orc-occupied world is a real thrill ride!

    Join Cael, the last of the dragons that are sentient and powerful enough to fight the orc armies that have ravaged the land. Cael must rescue future eggs, learn to use explosively real powers, and defeat the orc king before his rage will end! The flying animations and motion accompanied by angles realistically used, this game is everything dragon-enthusiasts love!

  8. The Legend of Spyro: A New Beginning

    Speaking of dragons, the most famous of video game dragons is Spyro, the little purple dragon! Spyro is best known for his multiple whimsical worlds and being the smallest of the dragons in this game series, but where did he (and his little firefly friend, Sparx) come from?

    Voiced by Elijah Wood, Spyro's tale unfolds as Ignitus, voiced by Gary Oldman, saves a last precious dragon egg from a monstrous enemy and sends him downstream where he hatches into the care of a dragonfly family. His foster brother, Sparx (voiced by David Spade), helps him embark on a mission to save his people and fulfill a prophecy while learning four powerful elements from four dragon masters!

  9. Okage: Shadow King

    While this is a role-playing game that requires you to chose your actions and even switch characters, it still holds a great deal of adventure qualities and has epic adventure battles and incredible landscapes including the odd and mysterious Island of Wop-Wop. 

    When the main character's shadow is fused with Evil King Stan, an evil king who's really not as evil as he'd like to be, the boy sets out to rid the world of the rest of the evil kings so that Stan may reign supreme! But another problem arises as all of the people of this world must be categorized and it seems our main hero doesn't have a category or much of a strong voice! With a deep message about treasuring individuality, sarcastic conversations, and fun characters all along the way to the epic battles, Okage remains one of my favorite games and is well worth at least one level of playtime for anyone!

  10. Shadow of the Colossus (Wander and the Colossus)

    When a video game's music and landscape are so engaging that you go out of your way to watch friends play it as if you were watching it like a film, you know it has left an artistic impact. Being one of the first games to beg the question 'Can video games be art?' is the ever incredible Shadow of the Colossus (which is much bigger than even its name implies!).

    In a faraway land a young boy tries to revive a girl from the dead by completing sixteen tasks for an entity named 'Dormin'. The tasks are to destroy sixteen false-gods or Colossi. Each Colossi seems to be a living creature though made of stone, and the moss, grass, and other substances look as soft and furry as a fluffy cat contrasted to their massive, daunting stone structures which even include pieces of broken architecture. By far, the best Colossus to watch in motion is the second faced, known as Quadratus or The Mammoth Bison. The landscapes are well-toned, the horse (Agro) is realistic and wonderful, and wandering through the massive areas of the forbidden realms to places like shrines and lakes is absolutely breathtaking. The music accompanying the game actually moves with the player so it grows in intensity as danger approaches and swells with joy as victory is near! This game is not only a masterpiece, it is an adventure truly lived!

With so many games to choose from it was difficult to narrow it down to a 10-item list and while I only play casually, I am very critical of games and expect a great deal from them; so you know that anything that made this list must be impressive in some regard! Give one of these a try and don't feel guilty about it (actually, adventure games help eye-hand coordination and have a healthy effect on the psyche when used in moderation)!