5 Best Clothing Stores for Petite Women

Published: March 15, 2014

This list is the 5 Best Clothing Stores for Petite Women. It can be very frustrating to find stylish and affordable fashion in smaller sizes. These stores have been known to consistently offer a wide variety of clothing specifically for petite women.

The stores are based on the following: availability of clothing made particularly for petite women (online or in stores); variety of petite-sized clothing offerings and the quality of the merchandise.

The stores on this list vary in the price, and with each review is a little tip that I have found useful in my many years shopping at these locations!

  1. Ann Taylor LOFT

    My all-time favorite store for petite clothing is Ann Taylor Loft. The clothing here is timeless, stylish for work or weekends, and offered in a variety of petite-friendly styles (OOP-16P). I have never had to tailor their clothing, as the website has a very handy and true-to-size guide just for us petites! Their clothes last and last...pieces I bought years ago I still wear regularly and I still receive compliments for them. LOFT has a fantastic sales team that is very familiar with the needs of petite costumers, which is a huge plus. The website is also very helpful and user-friendly, with a great review section that I read reguarly.

    Bonus: check their website or stop by the store freuqently, they often have sales up to 40%! I've never bought anything full-priced, in my several years shopping there.

  2. JCrew

    JCrew is a fashion staple in my closet. Similar to LOFT, they offer a wide variety of specially-sized petite clothing. Here, I tend to buy bright colors and funky patterns that I have not been able to find at other stores. I tend to shop here most in the summer, when sales are in full-swing and I can get the most use of the fun and colorful selections. I have never had an issue with their quality, and have found that every purchase is well worht my investment!

    The only downside? JCrew can be a little pricey and is usually out of my price range...shop sales and save up!

  3. Banana Republic

    Another high-end but always petite-friendly retailer is Banana Republic. This is the go-to store for petite workwear. Their suits, pants and blouses are fantastic, and I have never struggled to find my petite size online or in the store. I haven't found the same colorful selections here like JCrew or LOFT, but their timeless pieces wil last for years. The sales team working at Banana Republic has always been very helpful in finding the most flattering shapes, colors and sizes each and every visit.

    Also great for accessories, too!

  4. GAP

    A more budget-friendly alternative is the GAP. Although the selection isn't quite as extensive as the other stores listed above, the GAP is more affordable yet equally stylish. I have found their sizing to be a bit larger than other petite-friendly stores, but their quality is comparable! The selection here is a tad smaller than the other stores listed here, which is mainly why it's been bumped down to #4.

    A word of warning: GAP's petite offerings are online-only. Great size chart available though, check it out before you guess your size!

  5. H&M

    This next store might come as something of a surprise...H&M. Look around and you won't find the "petite section." Nevertheless, the size 0, 2 and 4 pieces at H&M fit almost exactly the same as special petite sizes at the stores listed above. My experience has proven that quality can be hit-or-miss, but for the most part my size 0 and size 2 dresses and jackets from H&M have withstood the test of time! This is where I go for more "trendy" pieces that I don't know that I will need in years to come.

    H&M is by far the most budget-friendly store on this list...just be careful to grab those 0's and 2's!

With countless clothing options for women for all sizes, it can be difficult for petites to find which brands will flatter them the most! My many years of shopping experience have shown that Ann Taylor LOFT is by far the best! JCrew, Banana Republic, the GAP and H&M make the list too, not only for availability but also variety and quality.

Hope this list will be useful for the petites out there! Good luck on your shopping adventures!