The Best Haircolorings to Try at Home

Published: March 15, 2014

Most haircoloring kits warn you that your results may be different than the model on the box. If you hair is dark, bleaches will either lighten it less or the overall result will be more of a dark blonde or light brown with highlights, which could very well look very blonde on you by the way. You should keep this in mind if you are trying to be blonder on your own, at home, with one of these bleaching products. The same thing goes for going darker, you may not look as deep as the model on the box, but, you should have a subtle glow at least in the direction of the color you have chosen. These subtleties are usually the most flattering anyway.

  1. Bleach Kits Like Frost and Tip

    Clairol Frost and Tip is going to bleach your hair several shades lighter. It is a great product for lifting the dark color from your hair. It comes with a highlighting cap and a tool for pulling the strand through for the mild at heart persons who will be using it, plus instructions and clear plastic gloves. The gloves are attached to the instructions page. You can actually mix and use this product with your own foils or just apply it with gloved (plastic or rubber) fingertips in flattering streaks around your face or all over if you are more daring. What I like about it is you can put in a few more highlights every week or two until you have what you like, although if you do it this often you will probably not use the cap because using the cap is very time consuming. The cost for Clairol Frost and Tip is about $10. A popular place to buy hair bleach powder in bulk is although this will not include the plastic gloves or mixing tray. Their Quick Blue hair bleach powder is by L'Oreal.

  2. Revlon Frost and Glow

    Revlon Frost and Glow is very much like Clairol Frost and Tip listed above. A cap, a tool, plastic gloves on the instruction sheet and a mixing tray for mixing the powdered bleach with the mixing solution are included in the box. Revlon's Frost and Glow costs a small amount less for one application, about $7, and possibly takes a couple of minutes more to become as light. I prefer to buy the lightest one possible, for comparison as I do my own, as the darker brown highlights images show caramel and reddish results on medium to dark brown hair. Your hair will lighten to a blond shade if you leave the mixture on for the maximum time and if the model has a lot of blonde in that picture on the box you can recognize it in your own mirror the most easily. The other pictures of the darker haired models, I think, confuse the user regarding when their hair has developed blond streaks.

  3. Revlon Color Silk

    This stuff is perfect for toning your bleached or highlighted hair when your results are too pale, too red or too unnatural. One super thing is the low cost at under $4 a box, the other is the great quality that leaves your hair silky and shiny. Revlon Color Silk colors will stick with your hair several weeks if you use a color safe shampoo. Popular shades to tone down overly bleached or highlighted hair while still retaining a blond look would be #50 Light Ash Brown or #60 Dark Ash Blonde. For the browns and auburns you get long lasting color or gray coverage. For this nice price you can use this product for many of your hair care solutions either temporarily or exclusively, whatever you want.

  4. Clairol Nice and Easy Perfect 10

    This is a nice hair color that gives pretty results. If you already have bleached blond hair you can give it a lift with the blond shades. Other than that the browns are rich and lively with deep conditioners that help let you grow long hair if you want. There is also a great root tool included in the box. This is nice for hiding gray hair, too. This hair color has the best included tool.


When you are tempted to go the route of coloring your hair you don't want to ruin your hair with streaky, uneven color that won't wash out or that damages your hair. The products above condition your hair while you bleach or color and can be used by most people every three months with regular trims, or whatever the box says. If you need root touch ups, remember this does not count toward the whole head of hair when you are counting. The happy thing to know is that you can tone your hair a few shades when you don't like your first results. When toning if you select something slightly the same or slightly darker you can tone immediately before having to wait a few weeks to apply more correctors. The best haircoloring from the above list is actually to combine a Frost and Tip hair bleach with a Revlon Color Silk for toning. The next best choice is Nice and Easy Perfect 10 for either toning your already blond (natural or artificial) hair or for going brown, because you can zero in on your roots with the special included tool for flawless results.