The Best Cover Girl Staple Make-up for Face and Eyes

Published: March 14, 2014

There are many popular make-up brands on the market. There are also new ones appearing quite regularly. If you want to try a new one, fine, yet, I like an old faithful whenever it is really going to matter the most for a special occasion, even your own wedding. This is when I find myself reaching for many of the Cover Girl products.

  1. Cover Girl Professional Mascara

    Cover Professional Mascara comes with a special brush, including two choices, curved or not curved. The curved brush is harder to find, it gets a few more lashes. This is a brand that will adhere to lashes, sometimes there is a problem with adhersion in other mascaras and that will never do. I like the squarish shape of the top to the mascara, it just feels good in my hand. You can find Cover Girl mascaras in most department stores and supercenters like Target or Walmart. It costs about $4 to $5. If you are daring you can get Cover Girl Professional Super Thick. This is a very good product for the money.

  2. Cover Girl Smoothers Liquid

    Cover Girl Smoothers Liquid has an exceptional coverage for a liquid make-up. I find the best colors for medium to light complexions with this product are Buff Beige, Classic Beige and Creamy Beige, the colors are so natural looking. Then there are Soft Honey and Natural Tan for a suntanned skin, also very natural looking. This make-up flatters young girls as it does not appear overly thick and older women as it does not magnify wrinkles as much as heavier make-up can. This is about $8 to $9 for one ounce. You should not need under eye cover make-up with this product. The bottle is unbreakable plastic, too.

  3. Cover Girl Eyeshadow Enhancers

    Cover Girl Eye Enhancers Eyeshadow are about $5 for a palette of 3 to 4 shadows. Try out collections like Smoke Alarm or Golden Sunset that hold three complimentary colors for instant drama on a budget. In the four color palettes the Ice Princess and Urban Basics are pretty cool. This is non-creasing, non-flaking eye make-up that is good for you. The price is nice enough to buy several, also.


    Urban Basics

    Ice Princess

    Drama Eyes


You can fill up your make-up box with a vast selection of cosmetic products to your heart's content, or, you can keep it more simple. If you are leading a hectic lifestyle you might prefer to narrow down the number of cosmetics you will be using most regularly. The best product on this list is the Cover Girl Smoothers basic foundation make-up.