The best Auto Repair Shops in Atlanta

Published: March 14, 2014

This list contains a brief description of some of the best auto repair shops that can be found in Atlanta. These shops are judged by what my friends and I have deemed their stellar performances and their affordability and willingness to return your car to its best possible working order. The magic which each of these repair artist have performed has left many in states of stunned gratitude.

  1. Catherine's Auto Repair

    Catherine's reputation for fantastic service and performance has been well earned, being one of the few auto repair places that will actually guarantee their work ,while advertising it on their website. Other places might be quick to turn you away saying that they can't fix your automobile's problem, but Catherine's will continue looking until they have diagnosed and repaired your problem, eliminating your worries and problems.

  2. McCullough Auto Care & Towing

    A family owned one stop repair shop, which has been providing quality repairs and services for over 41 years. Guaranteed to provide services from tires and brake and transmissions,to ensure that the receive the best auto care needed to ensure the long life of you vehicle and the safety of you and your family, this is one of the best auto repair places in Atlanta to fulfill your vehicle's needs.

  3. Lindbergh Automotive

    Located in Midtown Atlanta,Lindbergh is the source for some of the best professional auto care. They are a full service facility with modern technology and ASE certified technicians, which are able to access the needs of today's modern vehicles. They strive to provide to provide the best in professional, quality services to each and every customer, every time.

In my personal opinion McCullough Auto Care & Towing, has provided me with the best auto experience and they encourage one with their sense of family infused service. At the end of the day ,these three are best qualified to provide quality auto service, leaving you with peace of mind when it comes to your safety and your vehicle.