The Best Herbal Remedies

Published: March 14, 2014

It used to be hard to find healing plants and herbs for sale to the public. Unless you were to grow them yourself at your home they were no where in sight for most people. Large cities with subculture that is more rampant than other places may have had shops with herbs and flowers in supplemental forms for sale but for most people these things just aren't there. More currently herbals and flower or plant remedies are so popular most people have ample choices as to where they can pick up and try out their favorites.

  1. St. Johns Wort

    An antidepressant that is popular in Europe and Great Britain. This like almost all herbals does not require a doctor's prescription. It is very convenient to have this alternative choice for people as when you take antidepressant drugs you are required to get them from an expensive psychiatrist in most states. Taken alone it is almost side effect free while it is not suggested for use with HIV drugs or prescription antidepressants. You should again not use it with 5-HTP an over the counter medicine that is also for depression.

  2. Oat Straw

    Oat Straw is another antidepressant that you can buy without a doctor's prescription. Sometimes this is marketed as an aphrodisiac, yet this is usually in combination with other herbs and ingredients. On its own, oat straw is a nice antidepressant. It denotes a sense of well-being that won't leave you hung over like an alcoholic beverage or some prescribed anti-depressants might do. Oat Straw is also known as Avena sativa. Oat Straw may be used as an herbal tea.

  3. Wild Yam

    Wild Yam has a long history of uses and is surrounded by a lot of folklore. In years gone by this was used for birth control. Wild Yam is also called Mexican Yam, Rheumatism Root and China Root among other things as well as by its classification name which is Dioscorea villosa. This herb or plant is useful for arthritis pain as well as female complaints. This wiil work slightly as an estrogen could for the female complaints. When using Wild Yam for substantial hormonal therapy you will want a cream with added progesterin for it to be effective. Wild Yam originates in North America.


  4. Seawrack

    Luckily Seawrack is rather abundantly found along the shore of many oceans, first of all the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans and then around the Baltic and North Seas. Luckily because it is a dieter's dream at shredding off a few pounds for a mere pentence of what other weight loss supplements cost. This supplement is also called Bladderwrack and may come in combination with other nutrients.

  5. Activated Charcoal

    Activated Charcoal is for detoxification and more. Activated charcoal can be bought in bulk or in capsule or tablet form. I like it especially for stomach distress. Other people use it for an antidote to poisoning, like from insect bites and for whitening their teeth or for abcscessing teeth. If you buy it in bulk you can put it into your own capsules. Capsules for doing this are made from a gelatin.

You may have heard of these fairly common plant and herbal remedies before. You may or may not have tried them for yourself, I have tried them and I like them. It is important to spend a little more and seek out a brand that has been manufacturing these supplements for a while to help ascertain purity. These natural remedies aren't 100% without risk. My favorite, the best on this list is Seawrack, it really benefits my dieting efforts.