The Best places to eat in Pacific Beach in San Diego

Published: March 14, 2014

I had the pleasure of living in San Diego for 8 years.There is many great things about the city including the weather.I spent alot of my time down at the beach.Pacific Beach was one of my favorites and the they have tons of places to eat at.These were my favorite places to go.

  1. Sushi Ota

    If you are a sushi lover this place will change your life.There has never been a sushi place with food this fresh.That is not only the best part but the prices are great too.The girls that work there are so nice and the really go out of their way to make their customers happy.

  2. The Patio

    I use to eat at place so much that i ened up knowing all the waitstaff and the managers.Their food is so good but my favorite part was the breakfast.I loved their breakfast,what these people did with eggs is incredible.I took everone there that came tovisit me and then they understood why I was always there.

  3. Caffe Bella Italiai If there one food I love most it has to be Italian food.And wow do these cooks know how to make it.Their past is made their fresh.Their seafood dishes are the best you will ever have.They have agreat happy hour and they even have cooking classes to show you how to become a great cook.

When you live in San Diego the places and choices you have of restaurant is more then enough.However, there is something nice about being down by the beach eating where you can see the water.There is so much to do at PB  but eating has to be my favorite part, amazing food.