The Top 5 Local Vegetarian/Organic Retailers

Published: March 14, 2014

Changing a 30+ year lifestyle of being a moderate meat eater to being a 100% lacto-ovo vegetarian wasn't easy, but it was great! What made it all the better were the places around my community (and by that I mean within an hour's drive) to give me help and sell proper products to me.

It is extremely difficult to get guidance on healthier eating, particularly vegetarianism, in a town that not only loves pork, but actually has religious groups that openly pstracize and persecute non-meat eaters. This is a shame, but the facilities that acted as my guide, surrogate conscience, and teachers in the ways of healthier food and supplements were a true Godsend and in the end garnered myself and my fellow vegetarian friends as loyal customers!

  1. The Herbal Gallery (Historic Downtown Moultrie)

    This small shop was a gateway to vegetarian supplements, cookbooks, snacks, and advice on where to get proper food supplies and work with co-ops.

    Able to order any suppleent needed with a mom-and-pop touch that just makes the customer feel like they are making a choice that would make their grandmother proud, this store continues to remain a mainstay for health conscious citizens of our decent city,

  2. Winn Dixie Supermarket

    The closest and first option on the list of retailers of vegetarian food products is the Talmadge Drive Winn Dixie. The service is wonderful and their neat and tidy keeping of their vegetarian foods away from the meats is more than sanitary, it is courteous.

    Even without the fuel-perks program, the specials often offered on Morning Star, Gardein, and Amy's Organic make this supermarket a little limited, but very friendly and a great start on the road to vegetarianism.

  3. Publix of Tifton, GA

    Now comes the big one; tons of variety, its own store brand vegetarian selections, and even a vegetarian friendly deli . . . this place is practically paradise. What's most inviting about Publix is that it is not just prepared for vegetarian and organic customers, but that it is reasonably priced for them as well and that makes all the difference in the world!

    With a helathy serving of Kosher and other specialized products for vegetarians, Publix is more than a pleasure when shopping, it feels like a home-town marketplace with small kiosks from around the world!

  4. New Leaf Market (Tallahassee, FL)

    While this is close to over an hour's drive, the standard of foods and variety are worth the drive when one can afford it. New Leaf is the epitome of great market for a helathy eater or vegetarian! The store offers buying organic beans, grains, and other non-perishables by the pound!

    Conscious about their foods and the environment, this store is surely able to help a person seeking a better lifestyle to truly turn a new leaf!

  5. Sweet Grass Dairy in Thomasville, GA

    Sweet grass is totally organic and cruelty free, but also focuses on the best milk a human can ingest as an adult . . . goat. With cheeses, creams, body products, and interactions with the incredible animals that produce them, it is no wonder that the first word in the title of this store front and farm is 'sweet'.


    Sweet Grass also offers information on how to make one's own cheese at home, why goat's milk is more digestible than cow's, and the benefits of organic dairy farming period. Getting good food is great, but getting great information is even sweeter!

While I still seem to have only a handful of options as I grow and develop as a vegetarian, it seems I am in very good hands with the good people at Publix, Winn Dixie, Sweet Grass, New Leaf, and of course The Herbal Gallery! Look around your own city, small or large, and you're sure to find at least a small community interested in bettering their own health and the health of others, too!