The Best Restaurants in San Antonio on the Riverwalk

Published: March 14, 2014

I grew up with a mom whoi managed most of the restaurants on the riverwalk. I have eaten and I continue to go down there to sit by the river and have a drink and eat some great food.I f you find yourself down there one day and are starving you have to try these restaurants first.

  1. The County Line

    If you have to choose only one restaurant to eat at it would definatly be The County Line.They have been on the river for decades and this is seriously their best location.Their food is something else.The pork ribs which are my favorite are a must try.The people are so friendly if you go once you will go back.

  2. The Republic of Texas

    This place has a burger called the Akaushi Burger. This beef is from Japan and the only other place to produce this type of meat is in a small town in texas.This meat is so protected that Texas Rangers actually guarded the herd of cows at one point and when you taste this burger you will understand why.

  3. Boudro's

    This restaurant is the most expensive of the three but it is worth every penny.Their ribeye steak is seriously the best thing in the world and I dont know how they do it but you will never have a better Pina Colada.I love this place.Also if you go in the winter and want to sit outside they give you blankets.

Living in San Antonio eventually you will be asked what restaurant on the Riverwalk is the best.These three are all different and are all fantastic.If you do end up at one make sure to sit outside by the river,but make sure it is not in August.You will love these places they are the best.