The Top 10 Unknown/Underrated Reasons to Celebrate Days and Months

Published: March 14, 2014

Our calendars are filled with holidays ranging from secular memorials, seasonal festivities, religious holidays, ethnic observances, and even personal or family events.

But there are some bizarre, unlisted holidays that are taken very seriously and have huge followings that you might not be aware of and would like to be! If you want to join the fun on World Toilet Day, delve into Middle Earth during World Tolkien Week, or even get your shipmates together for Talk Like a Pirate Day, then get ready to read about some wacky, but important holidays on days or lasting entire months!

  1. ________________ Heritage Month

    While February is hailed as 'Black History Month' it would be better served to go along with its neighbors in the calendrical year as 'African Heritage Month' to celebrate not only the history of African Americans in the USA, but also to look at the cultural aspects of current practices and older practices as well. One wonders, though; in such a diverse country, why do we have a whole month for one ethnicity and leave the rest to flouder? Actually, practically every month has a heritage to celebrate and the Digital Diversity Caledar Committee is working to encourage Congress to present The President with materials to declare even more months dedicated to the diverse heritages of our nation! Here are the current months and their celebrations:

    March: Celtic Heritage Month and Women's History Month

    May: Asian Heritage Month

    June: Lesbian, Gay, Transgender, and Bisexual History Month

    September: Hispanic Heritage Awareness Month

    October: German and Mixed European Heritage Month

    November: Native American Heritage Month

    The only one here that is a little awkward is October's second claim as being 'Mixed European' is vague and leaves little room to celebrate a specific heritage while March's is a very specific ancient culture that gave birth to so many European cultures it is curious why the Celts were chosen to be celebrated and not the Gauls!


  2. Food Months

    Where would we be without food? Nowhere, that's where, but did you know that there are whole months dedicated to celebrating different types of food and even food lifestyles? There are!

    National Vegetarian Month: October

    National Frozen Foods Month: March

    National Canned Foods Month: February

    National Dairy Month: June

    Be sure to check out the internet for even more food holiday months and remember that February, while being Canned Food Month, is also Eat Heart Healthy Month, too!


  3. National Poetry Month

    Literature should be celebrated in all its forms, but poetry has a special place in the hearts of students, hopeless romantics, and of course poets.

    National Poetry Month, which is celebrated with widespread symposiums, slams, and 'write ins', occurs in April of each year and is most commonly celebrated with oratorical (spoken) slams featuring famous poets from around the world!

  4. National Cancer Survivors' Day and Month

    June 1st and June, oddly the same month in which one of the greatest defeats (Waterloo on the 18th) took place, is used to honor survivors of all types of cancer and their families.

    Rallies for awareness, carnivals, fund raisers, and concerts are held every June through the American Cancer Society and the Relay for Life as well as the Susan G. Komen Foundation each year during June to celebrate triumph over cancer and life itself!

  5. National Banned Book Month

    October serves as a strange month for many reasons, but perhaps darker than the 'Day of the Dead' is the notion of banning books! Banned Book Month celebrates the refusal of people to acknowledge books being banned to begin with and to deliberately seek out, purchase, and read books that are banned in specific areas!

    These books include: The Harry Potter series, Catcher in the Rye, Winnie the Pooh, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, Les Miserables, 1984, the ironic Farenheit 451 and many, many more!

    s it deserve its place on this list? What sets it apart?

  6. National Adoption Month and Sweetest Day

    November celebrates adoptions of all kinds throughout the United States and makes both families and those that were specifically adopted proud to be part of the tradition of loving families adopting children in need.

    While National Adoption Month celebrates just adoption, Sweetest Day, on October 18, acts as both 'mother's day' and 'father's day' as well as 'we chose you day' for adoptive families or for foster families.

  7. World Toilet Day

    November 19th is World Toilet Day and celebrates the invention of the greatest life-saver in medical history. Toilets in developing nations help with cleanliness and prevent spread of many diseases that we in the western world take for granted with advanced plumbing.

    World Toilet Day does change from year to year, but is usually in November and is always swirling with information and awareness about sanitation overseas and the incredible invention of the toilet as well as water conservation and learning to make more planet-friendly toilets.

  8. National Talk Like a Pirate Day; National Pirate Month

    September 19th in September; this holiday started by 'Pastafarians' or those who jokingly follow the almost secular religion known as the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster believe that pirates help thwart global climate change and should be celebrated.

    Around the nation, people of Pastafarianism and those just out for a lark take the opportunity to dress up, go out, and just talk like a pirate! Is there anything more fun than a good 'arrrrrr'?

  9. World J.R.R. Tolkien Day; World J.R.R. Tolkien Week

    September 22nd begins the week dedicated to Britian and the world's greatest fantasy author of all time to date; Jonathan Ronald Reuel Tolkien. This week includes fan events and lectures about the author's works, languages, philosophies, and legacy.

    Why the week of September 22nd? Why that was the very day that Bilbo Baggins and Frodo Baggins both celebrated their birthdays!

  10. National Garbage Day

    June 17th may seem like a trashy day, but without garbage collection and recognition of refuse, we wouldn't have had the measures taken to reduce our pollution, collect and clean up wastes, and create jobs in sanitation, not to mention helping control disease and other issues!

    On an even more positive note; Garbage Man Appreciation Day is held on the same day . . . so everything can be celebrated and cleaned up all at once with very little fuss!

If you look up any item, figure, ethnicity, or even occupation, you'll find some obscure holiday tied to it with people just as enthusiastic about it as you are! What an incredible nation and world to live in where even garbage has its own holiday and a month is filled with pirate fun!