The 5 best Plumbers in Metro Atlanta

Published: March 14, 2014

Good and honest plumbers are hard to find.  Here's a list of tried and true honest and highly-skilled plumbers.  Each one has been used by me or by one of my friends.

  1. Atlantis Plumbing

    Atlantis staff is professional and highly skilled.  They work like detectives trying to solve unusual problems and repair leaks.  Prices are good, too.


  2. Plumbing Doctor

    The Plumbing Doctor helped move a water heater twice because of asbestos removal.  They are affordable, quick and highly-skilled.


  3. Zurn Plumbing

    Zurn staff are very friendly and their staff are highly-skilled.  They came at a moment's notice and solved the problem.   Prices are reasonable.


  4. The Pink Plumber

    The Pink Plumber won me over when another plumber was overbooked.  They are courtesous and worked hard to figure out the problem and solved it quickly.  Their prices are good.


  5. Superior Plumbing

    Superior Plumbing helped reconfigure a bathroom and did it quickly and without too much extra cost.  Reliable and friendly staff.


Atlantis Plumbing is listed no. 1 for a reason - they are the best in Atlanta.