The Best Books Written by Stephen King

Published: March 13, 2014

My list is about the best books that Stephen King has written. This is purely my opinion and is based on story line, characters, and entertainment value. Stephen King has been my favorite author since I was twelve and I have read almost every book that he has ever written. Below are my favorites and why. 

  1. From a Buick 8

    It is the best book of his that I have ever read. The car is alive like in the novel Christine but this is a way different story with a very unique feel. The car is a portal to another time and has touched the lives of many men who each tell their story. It is a must read for any audience.

  2. 1408

    This one is my second favorite. It is only a novella but in just a few short pages there is a powerful story about a man who loses his little girl and falls into a depression that starts him on a journey of novel writing about haunted places. His last stop is a hotel that brings him back to his daughter.

  3. Hearts in Atlantis

    This is a captivating story of love and war set in 1966. Men in those days went to college so that they wouldn't be drafted. All they had to do was keep their grade point average up but one group of men become obsessed with a game called hearts. I had a hard time putting this book down.

  4. Insomnia

    This is a sweet book about an elderly man who has lost his wife and has developed insomnia because of it. He starts seeing things and ends up on a strange adventure with a widowed female friend. The things that these two older people do in this novel are unbelievable.

  5. Misery

    This is a classic novel. It is a story that could easily happen in real life which is what makes it terrifying. An obsessed fan kidnaps a writer and keeps him captive in her home because he is retiring and killed off her favorite character in his novels. Her goal is to force him to write another book and bring the character back to life.

I will always be a huge fan of Stephen King. He never disappoints. I'm sure I could have listed all of his books as must reads but these are my favorite. I am working on reading Under the Dome and so far it is excellent just like the rest. He is my go to author for a good chilling horror story!