The Best Painters in Hopkinsville Kentucky

Published: March 12, 2014

When you hire a painting contractor you want to be sure they can handle the load. Some paint jobs are easy enough to do yourself, but, you still prefer hiring out for the chore, while other painting jobs are tougher. If you have a tough job you might want to choose from contractors who are adequately strong and agile like those in the list that follows.

  1. Powell's Home Improvement and Dry Wall Contractor

    Powell's Home Improvement and Painting/Dry Wall Contractor does more than build on, they handle any and all home improvement needs with plenty of experience regarding staining, painting, repairing roofs and plumbing throughout your home. They offer texture painting and paper hanging also. You can call ths company at telephone number: 270-985-0667. You can also email them at:

  2. RC Painting of Cadiz

    RC Painting paints and stains anything your heart desires from small items to all of your interior surfaces. They use all the sought after brands of stains and paints such as Sherwin Williams, Pittsburgh Paints, Benjamin Moore and others. With their expertise they can grant you faux finishes or textures. RC Painting is a Spanish speaking as well as English speaking company. To call them for a service or free estimate the telephone number is: 1-877-804-3084.

  3. Tiptons Unlimited Roofing and Construction

    Tiptons is found at 314 Flynns Ferry Road in Fredonia, Ky.. Tiptons has been in the home construction and contracting business for more than fifteen years in the local area. They will paint metal roofing and remodel your kitchen or bath. Tiptons also installs flooring and a variety of roofs. To call Tiptons the phone number is 1-866-648-5940.

  4. GLHS Handyman Services

    GLHS Handyman Services deals with all types of surface repair whether you mean traditional drywall or some of the more fanciful wall coverings or sidings. From your roof and siding to your inside remodeling projects GLHS Handyman Services can handle cement, stucco, metal, stone or wood textures and materials. The phone number for GLHS Handyman Services is: 866-957-3605.

It isn't always easy to locate a painting contractor, contractors perform a variety of building on and servicing jobs while not all of them are painters. Above you see four businesses that do painting. The best paint contractor on this list is Powell's and the second best contractor is GLHS Handyman Services. Powell's has been in business for several generations and is known for their efficient service while GLHS is familiar with working with even the most unusual surface matter.