The Best Plumbers in Augusta, GA

Published: November 14, 2013

Augusta has a variety of businesses & services--with that comes great businesses that build trust with their customers & get the job done! Finding a good plumber is not difficult, but this list will tell you what to look for if you need help.


  1. Universal Plumbing

    One of Augusta's longest-running & trusted companies for your plumbing needs. Their motto is "Quick Response, Flat Rates." If you've lived in Augusta, you've heard the TV jingle that's catchy & helps you remember them. They are also located downtown, & are easily accessible to those who've used this business for years.

  2. Avrett Plumbing Company

    A really great business that deals with both residential & commercial needs. They have top technology for pipe repair, too. It seems that they are more apt to commercial plumbing needs, but don't hesitate to contact them about your home needs.

  3. Waldrop Plumbing & Utilities

    Provides plumbing coverage for the entire CSRA--they run from Evans, to Grovetown, to Wrens, & even cover the Hephzibah & Waynesboro areas. They boast of a new sewer camera technology that will allow you to see the work being done during the project.

  4. Augusta Plumbing, Inc.

    A company that is a jack of all trades. They offer discounts for new customers, senior citizens, as well as military personnel & teachers. They also do bathroom remodeling. They do serve the whole CSRA but are located in Martinez, GA.

  5. Brittingham Plumbing Company

    A family-owned business that has been in the area since 1892. They pride themselves on being green & also will help commercial businesses with their plumbing needs. They boast of their recycling and are also available to install green toilets. They are also available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  6. Yohe Plumbing, Heating, & Air

    A company that not only does plumbing but also services ACs & your central heating. They are an authorized Trane dealer (a brand most noted for their AC units), can schedule yearly maintenance for your home, & can set you up with financing.

  7. Connor Plumbing

    They serve the entire CSRA & are on-call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can't beat that in an emergency! They can also be available same-day with their technicians, & performs services such as drain relief, replacement of water heaters, and more.

  8. Unlimited Residential

    A fairly new company that deals with home maintenace & remodeling. Opened in 2007 they contract with several different projects. They are available for plumbing, and have done excellent remodeling jobs. Check their portfolio online! They are due to open a showroom soon.

  9. Busy "B" Plumbing

    Another family-owned business, who say no job is too small! They can also repair toilets, gas lines, & even water heaters. They serve the entire CSRA, from Martinez all the way to Hephzibah. They are also available to do home repair and remodeling.

  10. Babbitt's Inc.

    Another plumbing company that also specializes in heating & air. They also can handle your energy needs to make your home more efficient. You can schedule an appointment online, which is very convenient. Free estimates are also available for any task at hand.

Here listed are a variety of companies to choose from. Whether you go for family-owned & operated, or a company with a variety of specialties, know that you have a solid choice when it comes to plumbing in the Augusta area.