Some of the Best International Dishes to Pass On

Published: March 12, 2014

Creating an interesting menu isn't always an easy task. If you want to intrigue your family for a special occasion or to intrigue your guests you could look outside of your local territory to pick a dish to make for any course of the meal of for the entire meal. Consider what interests the people you are cooking for whether it is sports, art, heritage or some other thing.

  1. Russian: Beef Stroganoff and Pelmini

    Beef 'Stroganov' is named after a Russian count, Count Paul Stroganov. You have probably had this popular beef and noodle dish, but did you know it was Russian. With the Winter Olympics 2014 hosted at Sochi, Russia you might choose to make this during the climax of events. 

    Pelmini are Russian meat dumplings from Siberia, the coldest place on earth aside of the Arcticas.They are also known as Siberian Dumplings. A mixture of meat, often beef and pork, plus spices are placed in a dumpling dough that is folded and then bent to resemble a little ear. You can make these ahead and freeze or cook in boiling salted water immediately.

    The best Russian dish is the Pelmini as you can prepare a large batch and freeze it for later usages.

  2. Asian Food: Shashlik or Shashlyk and Coconut Rice

    Shashlik is a skewered meat from middle Asia that is sold by street vendors. The meat, usually lamb, is marinated in juices such as Pomegranate juice and grilled on a barbeque and sold on skewers. This food has made its way into neighboring countries as well and is most popular.

    Coconut Rice is from Thailand. It is basically jasmine rice steeped in coconut milk in a rice cooker that has a little coconut mixed into it before serving.

    The marinated and skewered meat on a skewer and the coconut rice are easy to make, so this is the best easy meal to serve if you pair these two together.

  3. Britain: Fish and Chips and The Sandwich

    You might think Fish and Chips, or the sandwich originated in the United States but these relatively simple eat on teh run meals originated in Great Britain a few hundred years ago. To create an authentic Fish and Chips like they would in Britain you prepare a breaded and fried cod or haddock fillet and deep fried white potatoes.

    The Earl of Sandwich is from Britain and where the word 'sandwich' originated. It was the 4th Earl of Sandwich who created the notion of stacking things between two slices of bread. Any sandwich will do but The Earl of Sandwich the 4th, John Montague's original used pieces of meat between his bread as he played cards.

    In Britain, the list of British dishes to recreate needs a dessert choice as they have a grand sweet tooth over there. Their Sticky Toffee Pudding is ideal to pass on to others. It contains sponge cake, dates, vanilla custard and toffee sauce smeared over the top and it is on their list of 'classics.'

    The best dish here is the fish and chips for fantasizng a trip to British lifestyle. The meal is easily duplicated.

  4. Irish: Irish Stew and Battered Sausages

    Mutton Stew or Irish Stew is classic coming from Ireland. The soup is made from lamb or mutton with potatoes and onion, and, parsley. Some believe there should be no other ingredients while carrots are usually added. 


    Another tradition are the battered sausages with sausage meat encased in a batter and then fried in oil. The best Irish dish to pass on are the battered and deep fried sausages due to their uniqueness.

  5. German: Konigsberger Klopse and Kartoffelpuffer

    Konigsberger are meatballs cooked in a white sauce. This is more unusual than what you usually see in the United States. The meatballs are made from veal, onion, eggs and white pepper with some other spices. You can also add some anchovies to this. The gravy or sauce is thickened cream with maybe some egg yolk added in. This is the best German meat dish to pass on. In Germany baked or boiled potato is served with this. The next German dish to pass on would be the Kartoffelpuffer which consissts of grated potato, onion and egg fried on a griddle in the form of pancakes. This is somthing like the hashed browns of the deep south in the United States but in the form of griddle cakes. Kartoffelpuffer is delicious and quick to render.

  6. French: Cheese Dessert

    In France dinner is often concluded with a yogurt or cheese plate for dessert. This would be something you could emulate when you want to add a French flare to your meal. On particularly unique French cheese comes from the island of Corsica and is made from goat milk, Broccui. Broccui cheese is something like Ricotta. This is the best international cuisine for a dessert that is high in nutrition.

    Brocciu Cheese

  7. Cherokee: Grape Dumplings and Popcorn

    There Cherokee people made high use of squashes and pumpkin. They also depended heavily on corn and popcorn for their eating and even crafts. They call their lust for corn, beans and squash, the 'Three Sisters.' They also eat potatoes and berries. A famous dish for these people are the grape dumplings which are basically dumplings boiled in grape juice with a little sugar.

It is fun to travel the world as far as the cuisines might take you because you can do this by simply creating some of the best dishes from any given country on your own. In our country you can often even find these foods in supermarkets and buy them already prepared. The best international foodstuff to pass on from this list would be the Russian Pelimini as you can prepare it ahead in large batches.