Best Pizza in Monmouth County

Published: November 14, 2013

I love pizza.  Luckily we are blessed with many good pies here in Monmouth County NJ.  This list is a good cross section of the best pies in the area.  On any given night, I might think one of these is the best.

  1. Nunzio's Long Branch

    An old school Italian favorite in Long Branch.  Nice crisp thin crust pie.  Sausage pies are escpecially good here.  Very inexpensive and casual pizzeria, but with a good old school atmosphere.  A little antipasto salad for 2, 1 sausage pie and a BYOB bottle of Chianti is a nice night out.

  2. Vic's Bradley Beach

    Another old favorite in the area.  More of a restaurant than a traditional pizzeria, but almost every table will at least have a pizza for an appetizer.  Cracker thin charred crust on these pies.  Don't overdo it on the topping because this is a relatively delicate pie.

  3. Luigi's Little Silver

    Serves a local classic, the square pie.  Mostly a take-out delivery place.  Crust is somehwat crisp if you ask for it well-done, but this place is mostly about the sauce and cheese.  The square pie is especially moist, plus the middle slices don't even have outer crust.

  4. Brothers Red Bank

    Another local institution with great thin crust pies.  My favorite is the traditional Margherita.  If I order a regular cheese pie, I like to ask for extra sauce.  I find that it is just a little dry which is a shame because Brothers has good sauce.

  5. Pete and Elda's Neptune

    The most popular pizza place in Monmouth County.  It is even crowded at 4 pm on Tuesday in teh middle of the winter.  Very thin cracker crusted pie.  Delicate enough that it is not that hard to polish off a whole large pie.

While I'm sure this list is not complete, these are my favorite pizza places in Monmouth County New Jersey.  Some days I might crave one more than another but overall I give Nunzio's the nod.  It hits all the bases while most of the others are missing one small aspect or another.