The Best Auto Repair in Austin

Published: March 12, 2014

If you don't own a new car like me then more than likely you will find yourself in a mechanic shop.There are many out there but not all can be trusted and not all do the job they say.I have been ripped off and I have had to pay for repairs that were not needed.

  1. McSpadden's Tire & Automotive

    I was recommended this shop a long time ago and I have used them several times for the big jobs.They are reasonably priced and they work fast.If I have an appointment they always make sure thats the time when my cars goies in for the work.They are really professional and very nice.

  2. Austin Automobile Clinic

    I have used this mechanic for the work that I need done fast.They do a great job and I have never been overcharged and they have never told me that more things were broken then there really were.They are pretty professional and very reliable and they even picked me up one time when I didn't have a ride.

  3. Ben White Automotive

    This shop is super affordable and the guys are really nice and they all know what they are doing.I have never had a problem with them or any of the work they have done for me.They all have years of experience and it shows in the work that they do.Highly recommend.

A good mechanic is hard to find.There are many out there but not many can be trusted and relied on.I have had my money taken and I have been given the run around many times.These are three that I use whenever I need work done on my car.These are the only that I have found to be reliable.