5 best bars in West Seattle to ride to on a moped

Published: March 11, 2014

West seattle has alot of great spots that are pretty close together so getting around on mopeds is perfect because parking can be hard to find. What makes a spot good for a moped ride?

1. Price, obviously if your riding a moped your not a millionaire so cheaper the better.

2. Located in a area with out alot of hill. If you have a moped you know hills are your enemy

3. In a area with a speed limit of less then 35 mph

Here is a list of 5 spots that make for a great moped ride!

  1. Quadrato

    Quadrato is a very small spot with lots of character ( like a moped!) Seriously, they only have room for 6 people. Think coffe stand but with spicy meat balls.

    They have great food , cheap beer and they are located right off california ave so you can get in and out easily.


    Quadrato Link



  2. Poggies Tavern

    Poggies Tavern, Its been in West Seattle since before West Seattle was and it shows. Lots of local flavor and by flavor I mean pull tabs and old guys who tell dirty jokes to anyone who will listen. Pogies is where the old locals go to have a beer. Rainer and PBR on tap and they have 2.50 pints on happy our. The old guys always laugh when you go in in a leather jacket and they ask " what kind of bike you ride?" and you say "moped".

    Pogies Link

  3. 3.Maharaja


    This is probably West Seattle most well kept secret. When you walk into this place you see a old uninteresting resturant. So whats great about that? If you look to the left there is a very long small hall way with blue lights that lead to the back room of the building. This is where the magic happens, there is a very small bar with no windows lite with christmas lights manned by a bar tender that always want you to try a new drink he just made up ( and they are usually  good so say yes!). This is the only place I know where you can get tandori chicken and naan on happy hour with a PBR, perfection!!!


    Maharaja Link

  4. Marination


    Marination is on the water by the water taxi. They have a great patio with the best view of Seattle you will find. Also they have great drinks and amazing food for cheap. Get the pork Katsu burger and then lay on the ground and take nap in the grass.

    Marination Link

  5. Slices on Alki

    Slices is a pizza joint right on Alki beach just around the point from marination. Its a great ride on the moped to get here, and once there you can sit on the patio and relax. Cheap pizza and beer by the bucket! This place is fun cause you can sit close to your moped and watch people check them out as they walk by.

    Slices Link

It is very doable to hit all these spots in one day. Go get your crew together, gas up your mopeds and make a day of it. If you go to all the spots ont the list it will take you all the way around Anchor point, down alki beach and throught the junction , a great tour of West Seattle by moped!