The Best Housecleaners in West Kentucky

Published: March 11, 2014

Housecleaners sometimes have different areas of expertise, then on the the other hand some of them will do just about anything related to cleaning up your home or exterior areas. It is important to determine which items you most wish to be cleaned and to then choose the housecleaner that is most appropriate for this chore.

  1. Western Kentucky Heating and Cooling

    Western Kentucky Heating and Cooling and Commercial Refrigeration at 1-270-522-9292 specialize in duct and vent cleaning for all of your heating, cooling and refrigeration appliances. Western Kentucky Heating and Cooling of Cadiz also specializes in the quality brands Trane and can service most brands including the cleaning in these categories. Western Kentucky Heating and Cooling will take your major credit card which not all contractors do anymore.

  2. Concord Custom Cleaners of Owensboro

    Concord Custom Cleaners of Owensboro provides fire restoration services, something that can be crucial if you have sufferd damage and loss due to unexpected fire. Concord Custom Cleaners also cleans area rugs, draperies and other household items including bedspreads, comforters. shower curtains, sleeping bags and table cloths. Concord Custom Cleaners has three locations in Owensboro and several more locations towards central and northern Kentucky in the direction of the state capital. To contact Concord Custom Cleaners the telephone number to call is: 1-270-926-3667. This is the best cleaner for cleaning linens such as sleeping bags or comforters and draperies. Additionally Concord Custom Cleaners stores your out of season wardrobe for free if you have the items dry cleaned at their establishment.

  3. Crystal Clean Pressure Washing Western Kentucky

    Crystal Clean Pressure Washing of Western Kentucky cleans exterior surfaces on buildings and homes. This includes siding, shutters, deck cleaning, concrete cleaning and roof cleaning. This company also cleans windows, gutters, graffiti and sidewalks. Sidewalk cleaning includes sidewalk stain removal. Common things that need to be taken off of sidewalks include chewing gum, transmission or brake fluid, algae or paint to name a few. Call them at 1-270-350-7627.

Some of the more difficult housecleaning chorse are included above within the promotions of each of the cleaners. First you have the cleaning of vents and ducts assoiciated with your heating and cooling system and other appliances. This type of cleaning helps in eliminating allergins and reduced fire hazards. Secondly, you have the dry cleaners that will store your out of season dothes for free and clean your drapes, linens, bed spreads and shower curtains with their large capacity equipment. The very best housecleaner on the list, although, is the third one because of the rarity of the pressure washing services in the area.