The Best Offensive Things You May Prefer to Not Eat

Published: March 10, 2014

With all the food on earth and all the avenues of transport that are available you may be surprised to hear of the unconventional things some people eat. Sometimes they eat the item because it is healthy and sometimes they eat the food item because other more conventional foods are not readily available to them. Before modern times, the lack of availability of more conventional foods has sometimes created a dish that has been handed down fondly for the purpose of its sentimental or historical value.

  1. Baked Possum

    The southern dish for baked possum includes sweet potatoes. This is a lot like roasting a pig. You have to dress the possum before you roast him. This includes skinning, washing and removing the innards. This wild game dish will not sound appetizing to many people, yet it is simply a not so often heard of wild game that can be prepared like any wild game.

  2. Snake Soup

    Snake Soup is a delicacy in China. It is used for medicinal purposes and is most readily available in the winter and fall. Cantonese snake soup will use two or more varieties of snake meat with star anise and other spices for flavoring and possibly with pork. You can imitate the Cantonese soup in other places by finding snake meat in a speciality store such as where there are python and rattlesnake snake meat for about $50 (python) to $100 (rattlesnake) a pound.

  3. Prairie Dog Salami

    This sounds just like cruelty to pleasant animals, but prairie dogs were made into salamis by cowboys such as Buffalo Bill Cody. The Prairie Dog is a ground squirrel that lives in North America west of the Mississippi River. You might like to include this in your diet because this animal is a herbivore, eating only vegetation (like grass fed beef) which many people think is healthier.




Bizarre sounding food can be good for you. Listen to the possibilities in food value that wild game, even the most bizarre of it, has for you and you may decide to overcome your reluctance in eating it. The best offensive food on this list is the Baked Possum because of its ease in preparing compared to the other two.