The best educational channels on youtube.

Published: March 10, 2014

Education is important, but school makes learning feel like having my eyes scooped out with a mellon-baller. These youtube channels are informative and enjoyable to watch. And it doesn't take 8 hours of my life to learn from them.

  1. Extra Credits

    These guys mainly talk about videogames and how to improve them, but the topics they cover can be applied to a variety of different subjects. They cover art, writing, history, philosophy, design and so on. The videos have an informative speaker discussing the actual meat of the show with cartoony art that makes the video hilarious to watch.

  2. VSauce

    These guys pick a subject that you never even knew you wanted to learn about and then makes you so curious you'll spend the next few hours on google and wikipedia trying to learn more about it.

  3. ASAP Science

    These guys discuss topics of science with a stop motion whiteboard animation effect to illustrate their concepts. They probably have the most traditional lessons of the 3 I've listed here, but they still do it infinitely better than you can find in school.

There are tons of educational channels on youtube. It would be an impossible feat to cover them all here, but if you want a great place to start look no further.