Best games to waste crazy amounts of time with

Published: March 10, 2014

This list will list some of the games that I have put an enormous amount of time into and enjoyed every single bit of it. (in no order)

  1. Skyrim

    An emmersive world that grabs you and sucks you right to doing everything. Play it a second time around and play it as a totally different character to get basically a whole new game.

  2. Dishonored

    So many different ways to go about each level makes this game a place that you can spend many many hours diving in and especially if you want to kill as little people as you can.

  3. Madden

    There is never a time when someone asks me if I want to play Madden, and I say no. Never, Never, Never. I could play so many different match ups and get such a range of emotions every time I play, which is what keeps me coming back.

  4. Civilization 5

    Hour after hour. Just one more turn you keep telling yourself, and you end up waiting until you have the biggest fleet of sleath bombers ever, and you missed three classes.

  5. Sims

    Create your own family frlom scratch and help them live! What a way to spend so many hours. Heck you dont have to keep these people alive.

  6. Portal

    This is the best puzzle game of all time. Many Saturdays were spent with my wife working together to figure out how to get through the portal the correct way. And the hardest part isnt figuring it out, its actually executing the move..


  7. Grand Theft Auto


    GIven an arsenal of weapons and a bunch of money, and no restrictions and set me free in a city. At this point the story doesnt even matter any more (even though it is always amazing), and I'll be captivated for ever.

  8. Assassins Creed Black Flag


    This might be a less popular choice for this list for others, but the feeling of dominating an enemy ship, boarding it, and stealing its cargo! Just amazing. Always keeps me coming back for more.

  9. DOTA 2

    I suck so bad at this game. I am so bad. But it doesnt matter how many times I get killed, or how mad my team is at me, I just keep attacking.. and playing the next round.

  10. Super Smash Bros

    The ultimate game with friends. Never gets old because its always a different story from round to round.

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