Best Breakfasts in Chico, California

Published: November 11, 2013

Got a hankering for some quality breakfast food?  Try these.  Guaranteed to fill your belly and please your tastebuds.

  1. Cafe Coda

    A tiny little place that most people couldn't find, much less name.  Hands down the best breakfast in Chico.  Homemade bread, tasty creations like apple cinnamon pancakes and banana nutella french toast.

  2. Morning Thunder Cafe

    There is a reason they call this one the Thunder.  You will wait for a table, but your mouth will thank you.  Try their waffles and egg scrambles.  Yum

  3. Italian Cottage

    Every omelette type you can hope for, and if not, tell them what you want and they'll make it!  Excellent friend potatoes garnished with fresh green onions and sour cream.

  4. Sin of Cortez

    Another spot that gets crowded fast, but their (literally) fresh squeezed orange juice and blueberry pancakes are swoonworthy.  Yum!

My personal favorite is Cafe Coda, but all of these are worth a shot.