Seven of The Best Foods From Around the World with a Story

Published: March 9, 2014

A lot of food recipes come with a bit of folk lore or a story as to how they came about. All over the world you find dishes that originated from either paegan or royal sources and that have been handed down for many years to the people who are descendents of the persons who created the foodstuff/dish or natives of the same land.

  1. Nesselrode Pie

    The Nesselrode Pie was for a Russian diplomat responsible for the Treaty of Paris. Cream, gelatin, chocolate, cherries, dried fruits and chestnut puree create the dessert's core. Actually the original dish was a pudding. Count Nesselrode lived during the 1700s to the middle of the 1800s. He was also a member of the Holy Alliance an organized pact that formed after the ruin of Napoleon. This dish is great for celebrating world peace, treaty signings, French, Russian, Catholic, Protestant or Lutheran heritage.

  2. Welsh Rabbit-Kentucky Hot Brown

    Welsh Rabbit is a yummy dish rumored to have been for those out of enough rabbit meat to eat in the Scotish, Welsh and English countries of Europe. Rabbit meat was also sometimes forbidden as when it was captured by peasants on nobles estates. Welsh Rabbit is also known as Welsh Rarebit. It is believed that the words were slurred in translation from one region to another. It is also thought that the dish was originally created in England and the term Welsh meant it was an inferior or economy type of meal. It is made with Cheddar Cheese and sometimes wine or ale is added and then poured over toast points or over toasted cheese sandwiches. In Kentucky, Welsh Rabbit is made into Kentucky Hot Brown by adding browned turkey and/or bacon to the platter. This dish carries perfect sentiments for rabbit hunters, rabbit breeders, rabbit furriers or those with pet rabbits as well as those from Kentucky.


  3. Cordon Bleu

    Cordon Bleu is a cutlet filled with another meat and cheese by means of rolling the flattened and tenderized cutlet around the other meat with some cheese or slitting the cutlet and stuffing it with the additional meat plus cheese. The German schnitzel is often used in German and other German speaking countries when describing the Cordon Blue dishes such as Schnitzel Cordon Blue from Switzerland that will use veal or ham for the outer meat. The whole concept of the Cordon Bleu dishes seem to have originated in Switzerland. This European/Swiss original could be best for skiing/skiers inspiration.

  4. Popcorn

    Most everyone loves popcorn all around the world. Popcorn originated in the eastern United States in the 1800s. It is good for weight watchers as it has fiber and is fairly low calorie especially if butter flavoring is used with salt rather than real butter. In places like England or much of Asia the popcorn in public places thta is most popular is usually sugared and salted. One of the best things about popcorn is that it is low in cost no matter what form you buy it in.

  5. Custard

    Custards originated in France although some reference is given to England where meats and vegetables baked into crustardes. It is a custard when it is made with egg yolks, milk or cream and sweetening and it is cooked over a double boiler on the stovetop or water in the oven. Most sweet custards are flavored with vanilla and a pinch of salt. There are many deserts that incorporate a custard such as Flans, Floating Islands or Creme Brulee and custard is frozen into rich ice cream so custared is perhaps the best addition to many favorite deserts.

  6. Bavarian Creme

    Bavarian Cream is a German desert. It is a custard dish with whipped cream incorporated into it before being placed in a fluted or decorative mold to chill and set. Bavarian Cream is frequently used to fill sponge or angel food cakes for bridal showers or other exquisite affairs. It is also a nice touch when serving to guests with a German heritage.

  7. Israeli Cuisine- Jacob's Lentil Stew

    What was eaten in ancient Israeli? Bible researchers compiles lists of the native foodstuffs for us to ponder upon. Many recipes have been developed to incorporate these foods so those who like to celebrate Christianity can enjoy feeling they are eating much the same as their ancestors who actually very close to Jesus himself. Jacob's Lentil Stew includes such a mixture of these foods that were available in those times such as celery, red lentils, pearl barley, carrots and garlic.

Food can be used for inspiration as well as for nourishment. Whether you you highlight a main course or any other course with a dish that has some interesting history or folklore going for it you will probably strike a winner among whomever you serve this meal to and be asked to do it again. The Best item on this list may be the Jacob's Stew as it is full of healthy ingredients, meaning and inexpensive.