The Best Camping Gear Seasoned Campers Love

Published: March 8, 2014

People enjoy getting outdoors and roughing it a little, after all, with stuffed sleeping bags, smoked meats, hamburgers, hot dogs, marshmallows and foil wrapped vegetables, lots of soft drinks and usually a lot of swimming fun, they aren't suffering very much after all. Campers often have other things in common too, they usually go for the same camping equipment over and over. Below is a list that campers repeatedly tout about.

  1. Coleman Stoves

    Coleman Stoves use fuel. They are very popular with campers whether they are RV'ers or tenters or anything in between. If they have a stove built in, it is a good extra stove and if not it is the main way to get a good meal without building a fire every time. You use propane or coleman liquid fuel depending on the model you choose. Cost $69-$129 for a small two burner stove. The cost is good and they are best for their small and easy to carry with you size.

  2. Coleman Lanterns

    Rechargeble lanterns with 26 feet of light emission will keep your campsite safe and comfortable for family hour and other things like getting children tucked in or clean-up. If you are staying up to play games or share music would be another excuse for needing lights at your campsite. Coleman kerosene powered lanterns are another favorite if you like tradition over high tech but you will pay for this tradition as a kerosene powered coleman lantern is over $100 and the rechargeables are under $40 for each lantern. These are best due to their durabililty and powerful light emission.

  3. Zippered Sleeping Bags with Soil Release Finish

    Zippered sleeping bags are a mandatory part of camping out. They are cozy, they are secure and they come in cute color choices. The sleeping bags should be quilted and filled with fiberfill or down. If the sleeping bag is not treated with a soil release finish you should buy some soil release product like Scotch Guard and treat it yourself because it is harder to clean up when camping and your bag will stay much cleaner if you do.

  4. Fabric Air Mattresses

    Campers love a good quality fabric air mattress for laying under or inside your sleeping bag whichever way works, to make it more comfortable. You can find fabric air mattresses most places that sell campers supplies. They often come in a plaid color, or, solid colors. The cost is $20 to  $50 and sometimes less. The fabric air mattresses are easier to repair if they get punctured. You can also use the air mattresses for swimming floats when you are not sleeping.

  5. Weber Grills

    A Weber charcoal grill, is a long-standing favorite among campers. It is easy to carry with you, complete with a tight fitting lid that lets you smoke your foods to perfection and uses inexpensive charcoal for fuel. The Weber is so compact that it takes a shorter length to heat the coals also.

  6. A Net Tent

    The net tent is a favorite for meals and other activities when camping. Bugs can't get in but you can feel the fresh air and see the natural sights to your hearts content. These set up much like a tent, with stakes and cords to secure the sides to the ground and a pole to hang the tent from, but are lighter in weight and so easier to put up and manage.

Camping is fun. People love the adventure and challenge of living in the out-of-doors for a few days, or, a few weeks in some cases. Having a few conveniences of home helps it be even more manageable for a whole family. The best item on this list that has been a favorite for many years with the seasoned camper is the last one here, the net tent.