The Best Auto Repair Shops in Seattle

Published: November 13, 2013

This list is what I believe to be the best in Auto Repair shops in the Seattle and surrounding area. My list is based on quality of work and price.

  1. Affordable Tire Factory

    Affordable Tires is my first choice when it comes to The Best Auto Repair Shops in Seattle. Don't let the name fool you as they do way more than tire services. They do tune ups, oil change, brake services and many others. The young men at Affordable Tire are always polite and on numerious occasions have done extra stuff on my car without charging me.

  2. Superior Auto Service

    Superior is one of my favorite's because they not only do they do just about everything related to automotive repair, they explain things to me in a way I understand, and never take advantage of the fact I am a women (meanin g charging me more or trying to get unneccesary work done to my car for their profit).

  3. Stingray Auto Repair

    Stingray is located near downtown Seattle and offers various services like auto repair, oil change, engine and clutch repair as well as tire sales and service, brakes, and cooling system services, all services reasonably priced and the guys that work there are friendly and never try to tell me additional items that need repair. What sets them apart from others is they have been in the same spot for more than 10 years and come highly recommended by many Washatonians.

So these are what I consider to be the top three Best Auto Repair Shops in Seattle. Affordable Tire Factory will always remain my number one as the customer service is one of a kind, polite and truly genuine.