The Best Plumbers West of the Lakes in Kentucky

Published: March 8, 2014

When you live somewhere for a while, it is common to develop clogs in your drains, have a garbage disposal that goes amuck or a toilet that ceases to flush properly, to list a few examples. Although you can attempt to fix these yourself, many times doing this could be a waste of time, a job better done by someone who has more knowledge and better equipmenet. 

  1. Marty's Plumbing

    Marty is an experienced plumber serving clients for over 30 years in West Kentucky. Operating from Mayfield, Marty is a certified Master Plumber. Marty's specializes in new constructtion and all types of plumbing repairs. You can rely on Marty's to recognize your plumbing needs and to perform a quality service for you. Call Marty's Plumbing at this number: 1-270-328-8482 to discuss your plumbing needs and schedule a service call if you choose. Marty's is found at 3279 State Route 1748 East.

  2. Ron's Septic

    Ron's Septic at 1-270-554-1692 in Paducah offers a rooter service, the top way of cleaning stubborn drains and more. Yes, they clean basement drains. Yes, they have video sewer inspection service. If you need commercial grade help you will be in business also as Ron's Septic has grease trap pump service, high pressure drain cleaning and municipal storm drain cleaning. With a fleet of seven big trucks Ron's can handle your needs anytime. They also do marine towboat waste systems cleaning and repair.

  3. Stephen Conner

    Stephen Conner is a licensed Master Electrician located at 390 Springhill Rd. in Clinton, Ky., he provides for residential customers and for those in business. Stephen Conner offers emergency services. Their expertise includes the renovation of sinks and upgrades to your boiler systems. Call Stephen Conner at 270-653-9600 . This plumber is open all days but Sunday and serves a wide portion of Western Kentucky near Clinton and Milburn.

Residential plumber or commercial plumber? Many plumbers predominantly have a field of expertise or experience that lets them excel more at one branch of plumbing thatn another. In this instance, Marty's of Mayfield is the best all around residential plumber on this list while Ron's is the best commercial grade plumber, although they will do jobs for both types of clients. You might consider whether you are a residential customer and need commercial grade help before you choose a plumber.