The Best Auto Repair in Extreme West Kentucky

Published: March 7, 2014

Trips, carpools, transportation to work and bad weather put strain on your vehicles. So do heavy traffic, extreme temperatures and simply old age. Every part on a car works together in harmony to make the most of your gas mileage, your safety and even your appearance. When you want or need a service for car repair or car maintenance you need a good auto mechanic. 

  1. West Side Garage

    West Side Auto Repair is known for getting dents out of your car or truck. Dents can rust only making things uglier and uglier for you. It is nice to know someone who repairs dings and dents and makes your motor vehicle's body as good as new. Some more important services you can have done for your car's well being are also favorites at West Side, flushing of the transmission and cooling system and the cleaning of the fuel system. All of these services optimize your vehcle's performance and increase gas mileage. For making service appointments you can call them at 1-270-653-6002. The shop is located at 617 W. Clay St. in Clinton.

  2. Class Under Glass

    Class under Glass in Bardwell does body work at 610 US Highway 51 N, in Bardwell. When you need your car repaired Class under Glass is happy to oblige you. Oil changes, tires, tires rotated and more services are done for you without taking an undue length of time. Dented areas are also attended to if requested. Phone them for an appointment.


  3. Adams Brothers Body Shop

    Adams Brothers is a body shop. Adams Brothers Body Shop also supplies wrecker services if your car won't start or if you had an accident. For the body shop you need to go to 4038 US Highway 45 East. Adams Brothers specializes in the painting of your vehicle which really helps erase evidence of aging or accidents. 1-731-479-1005

  4. George's Body Shop and Radiator

    George's Body Shop has a lot of experience with radiators. At 100 Lake Street in South Fulton, George's repairs or rebuilds your radiator. George's Body Shop as specializes in auto body repairs, you can expect to have your damaged car repaired inside and out as well as painted to a perfect match. The phone number you can call is: 1-270-472-0190. This business is owned by George Garmin.

The best auto repair shop should repair your auto. The best auto repair shop should probably have plenty of experience with repairs of wrecked autos and trucks because practice makes perfect. Number 4 is the best on the list, George's Body Shop. The second runner up is Adams Brothers Body Shop with lots of expeirence and wrecker services.