Best Non Chain Pizza In Seattle

Published: March 6, 2014

We all have ordered from big chain pizza places like Pizza Hut and Domino's, but after awhile it becomes boring ordering from them. So if you live in Seatle try on of these three non chain Pizza places the next time you and your family want pizza, I promise you will be lovin a least one of these places after eating their pizzas.

  1. Zeek's Pizza

    Zeek's started their pizza business in 1993 with their first location in Belltown, their focus was on their vegetarian pizza, which at that time was not as big as it is now. With the success of that location they opened two more locations in North Seattle. I personally like them because they use produce that is locally grown.

  2. Kylie's Chicago Pizza

    If you never have had a Chicago style pizza then you are in for a great treat. This is my Kylie's makes my list, because you live in Seattle and have a Chicago style pizza right in your town, awesome! Kylie's offers tradional pizza toppings as well as some of the new favorite's of today like spinach, feta, tomatoes and garlic, which is my favorite.

  3. Flying Squirrel Pizza Co.

    OMG! This pizza place is sooo good. They take pizza to the next level. For example, trey have an out of this world pulled pork pizza which they do not serve all the time which is the down side to this place. Their other pizza's are also good they use fresh homemade ricotta that is amazing too!

So if you live in Seattle and looking for some local non chain pizza places to try I highly recommend one of these listed above. What a thick Chicago crust then Kylie's is for you. Want fresh locally grown produce on your pizza then it's Zeek's or the Flying Squirrel Pizza Co., I have so much faith in these places I promise you will love them all!