The Best Painters in the Hopkinsville Area

Published: March 5, 2014

Painting contractors often perform more than painting, with stiff competion it is in their best interest to expand the services they offer. Some of the most common add-ons include paper hanging, handyman services and janitorial services. Sometimes you find even more choices from a home painting contractor. But, most importantly when you want to hire a paint contractor you are interested in thier aptitude for painting. The best proof of a good painting aptitude is if the particular painting contractor has been able to stay in business for more than two years, the more years the better.

  1. Frank Whitlock

    Frank Whitlock Painting and Paper Hanging Service brings beauty and convenience to your door stoop. This business is open Monday through Friday until 7 p.m. and on Saturday until 5 p.m.. Frank Whitlock is highly interested in home improvement, additional closets, renovations and multiple business rooms in need of decorating.

    Call to inquire at: 270-881-0426 or 270-874-5972.

  2. Fresh Look Painting

    Fresh Look Painting of Hopkinsville concerns itself with painting and wall coverings such as wall paper. They repair drywall and paint both interiors and exteriors. This is a married couple who do work for either residential or commercial clients. They are fully licensed to take on painting contractor jobs, and, insured so you don't have to worry. They prefer working with rubber paint to prime interior walls and weather proof latex paint on exterior surfaces. To secure an appointment with them call: 1-270-305-2967.

  3. Ash Brunson's All Clean

    Ash Brunson's All Clean is a power washer service that paints commercial interiors and exteriors. They will do some residential painting jobs. Brunson's power washes for either residential or commercial requests absolutely anything and everything that might be dirty. For residents they also stain and seal fences and decks. Ash Brunson's prepares all surfaces for painting with their power washing and does most of the painting if you request it afterwards. Ash Brunson has been in business since 1995.

When you need painting done, you like to get it over with as rapidly as you can. You have usually save out for the expense of it and are now ready to enjoy having it done, you don't want to be kept waiting in line. An independent contractor can often times offer you promptness in scheduling over the larger and busier company. Sometimes you may think that this 'quickie' work may be inferior. There is no reason to fear that work done quickly is inferior, work done quickly is work done quickly. The best painting contractor on the above list is the Fresh Look Painting as they are prepared to work for anyone who needs help painting at a moments notice.