The Best Heating and A/C in West Kentucky-Hopkinsville

Published: March 5, 2014

Not all heating and air conditioning contractors are created equally. To decide who can get the job done well you want some history on the company. A good history indicates potential for further success when they work for you to install or correct one of your heating or air-conditioning systems. Some of the techniques used by the following contractors may intrugue you such as the ductless systems or systems of the geothermal variety. Take a peak and see what you like best.

  1. Reed Electric Heating and Air

    Reed Electric Heating and Air covers every aspect of home environmental air control, gas fireplaces, ductwork, air conditioning, air purification, heating and ductless systems. They do work in all of Western Kentucky and Southern Illinois. Reed Electric was rated number 1 for their Heating and Air Conditioning contracting services in 2011. Reed suggests that you have follow up service checks annually to keep everyghing in tip-top order for every season. When your equipment is checked you may not need anything done, but if you do it will be lest costly to service most of the time than if you wait until something obvious breaks.

    Email Reed Electric at: for more details.

  2. Hancock's Heating and Air Conditioning

    Let Ray Hancock manage your heating and air conditioning problems. Hancock's is an expert at engineering home heat pumps and engineering of all HVAC devices. Hancock's Heating and Air Conditioning Contracting Business is open six days a week striving to please its clients. This business owns an HVAC license, is insured and registered with the state. As he likes to measure up, you will be most happy with his work.

    The telephone number for this business is: 270-886-1192.

  3. Andy Mabry Heating and Cooling

    Specializing in Air Conditioner contracting, as air conditioning units can be very tricky, Andy Mabry Heating and Cooling additionally handles plumbing repair and heating unit repairs. Andy Mabry Heating and A/C excels in the installation and repair of geothermal pumps. Geothermal pumps use the molten rock underground and steam to provide energy for your home. Andy's business is although not limited to geothermal pumps.

    Call Andy Mabry for information at telephone number: 1-270-885-7008.

Don't ever underestimate the power of a trained and educated HVAC man to get your units up and running when your attempts fail. Don't be afraid to try new things, either. You probably will need more than one heating and air conditioning solution in your life time, probably a great deal more than one. As new advances in using science (both old and new science) appear on the scene don't be afraid to try a more energy efficient style of heating or air conditioning for yourself.

Reed is going to get to be the best Heating and A/C contractor on this list due to their 24-hour emergency services that we all sometimes prefer when we have problems with our heat or air-conditioning.