The Best AC and Heating in Houston

Published: March 5, 2014

I lived in Houston and the weather in the summer is terrible and i lived in an old house that needed work on the AC and the irst few people that I called I got ripped off really bad and I had to learn not all  companies are great or worth tusting.

  1. Air Temperature and Heating company is great.They go out of thei way to try to fix th problem , and they even have after hour services for emergencies.They even let me make three payments when I got a whole new unit installed and I was so grateful cause new units are so expensive but they didnt over charge me t all.

  2. Mission Air Conditioning liked this company they guy was super sweer and they were always really polite and professional they came out as soon as I called them and I nebver paid to much.They always took care of the the job right away and They never had to come back to fix it again.

  3. Ac Man of Houston

    This company was reccommended to me by some friends and they were pretty good they are pretty busy so they take a little bit but they do always show up and they never try to take advantage of me.They always had fair prices and were very professional.I recommended them to several family members who still use them.

In Houston in the summer you do not want to be without an AC the temperatures are so terrible.At the same time you can't just call anyone.There is a lot of people who will try just to take your money.These three are th eones I would recommend using before you call anyone else.