Best Auto Repair Shops in Hopkinsville, Kentucky

Published: March 5, 2014

Things can go wrong with your car, truck or other vehicle, things you aren't positive you can fix on your own for that matter. Auto Repair Shops fix your broken car right up. If you have been in a wreck or it is simply wrong under the hood you can consider making an appointment at an auto repair shop where, if you call or visit, they will give you an esstimate in cost and the length of time it will probably take to fix it. 

  1. Sisk Auto Mall

    The Sisk Auto Mall in Christian County of West Kentucky provides a service center for its customers. You can go online to schedule a repair or maintenance service, too. They are open to 5:30 on weekdays and to 1 on Saturdays. You can have your oil changed, transmission flushed, an engine tune-up, tire rotation, brake adjustment or your air conditioner serviced. You can also ask for a state quality inspection. Sisk Auto Service shop also washes and waxes the exterior of your vehicle plus cleans the inside until it is decandently spotless.

    The service phone number for Sisk Auto Mall is: 866-789-3090.

  2. Garland Nissan Parts and Service

    In Hopkinsville Garland Nissan offers free brake inspection, a good deal for those not sure if their brakes are in order and for someone going on a trip to eastern Ky. where there are mountainous regions and popular vacation spots. They also offer a free tire check to encourage that a really good set of tires will save you several m.p.g. of gasoline. Call 270-886-6681

  3. Clearview Tire

    Clearview Tire does computer aided engine analyses and fixes alternators, axles, belts, hoses, clutches, master cylinders, slave cylinders, valves, exhausts, fuel filters, oil pan gaskets, power steering, timing belts, throttles and much more. They also have a roadside assistance of free help if you repair service totals $25 or more that is good for one whole year from your date of service. Clearview Tire sells tires and parts galore at the same time. The phone number for Clearview Tire and Auto Service is 1-270-885-5686.

  4. Raben Tire and Auto Service

    Raben Tire and Auto Service promise to match the competion's pricing, so no one will sell a service to you at a lower cost if you show them a lower price for services prior to the end of one month you get a rebate. Raben also has a long list of other rebates for many of their auto repair services. Raben Tire and Auto has been in the auto repair and tire business for a long time. Raben services shock absorbers, struts, air conditioning, oil changes, suspensions, alignments and repairs tires. Raben is handy for typical repairs and has many locations in America.

  5. Expert Tire

    Expert Tire checks your vehicle's battery free of charge. They can fully service your car from drivetrains to brakes. They also provide for custom wheels if you are looking for a little spoiling. Touchy things like alternators, electrical systems, engine sensors and valves are no trouble as Expert Tire is much more than a tire store with trained mechanics always on call just for you. Expert Tire tries to understand your schedule and works with you to arrange a convenient time. Call them in Hopkinsville at 1-270-886-6353 or at their 800 number at 1-800-851-4000.

You can't very well do without a vehicle in good working order. You need to find a mechanic who knows the best way to fix your car, one with enough experience to guide you through the rough pits of car trouble and sensible maintenance. Many of these auto repair shops offer specials that save you some money. Each service has experienced and knowledgeable mechanics on hand. The best on here is Expert Tire, they are likely to get your service done in one day. They also have several special offers.