Best Cat Food for Sensitive Stomachs

Published: March 4, 2014

Having a pet that has digestive issues or sensitive stomachs can sometimes get expensive. This list contains the best of the best for hard food for you to buy if your cat has a sensitive stomach or digestive issues. These are specially formulated cat kibbles to help digestion go better for your kitten or cat.

  1. Iams Premium Protection Cat Food

    This is a good one to start out with if you are trying to figure out what exactly is causing your kitties tummy issues. It is a little more expensive then the cheaper versions of cat food that are available for you to purchase for your cats to eat. But it is well known for helping kitties that have tummy issues. 

  2. Halo Spot's Stew Natural Dry Cat Food

    This is a brand that promotes all natural pet feeding practices. They have great products that are all made of all natural ingredients. They have a variety of flavors so that your cat doesn't get bored of eating the same dry food day to day. It is a little more expensive because it is an all natural dry food, but it is great for your cat and helps cure there tummy issues. 

  3. Hill's Science Diet Sensitive Stomach

    Science Diet is the food that most Vet's will tell you to try with your cat who has issues with digesting food. It's a little harder to find, but it is worth it. It's a great food, that has all the things a cat needs, and is still easy for cats with stomach issues to digest. 

This is a list of the three best dry cat foods for cats with sensitive stomachs. They are all great foods to try if your cat is having issues digesting regualar cat food. They are different levels of price for different budges. The Hill's Science Diet Sensitive Stomach is the best of all three for cats who suffer from a variety of stomach issues.